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Gold Field is among several South African leading companies in gold mining with huge contribution to assist talented youth of South African who have keen interest in mining industry to obtain necessary experience and skill through their learnership program. Every year, Gold Fields career learnership is offered to top graduates. The application for the learnership is announced in the beginning of the year, and then will be closed in the middle of the year. The structured learning program will provide successful learners knowledge about teamwork, safety procedures and many other more. Gold Fields career learnership program embraces various sectors and mostly scarce skills such as, electro mechanical, geology, diesel mechanic, electrical engineer, mining engineer, boilermaker, mine manager and many more. And yes, through the learnership program, Gold Field has such a mission to balance the business demands. Since the availability of vacancy in mining industry is bigger than the human resource.

Did you know that each year within mining industry, there a new invention of method and technology? Gold Fields career learnership program is your great opportunity to prepare yourself to join mining industry. As successful learners, you will deal with a challenging workplace for its dynamic environment. Even so, it is very rewarding. The learning program assists its learners in many ways to set strong foundation to kick start their career. During the training program successful learners are exposed practical and theoretical knowledge, guess what? Potential learners will be mentored by those with expertise and also experience within fields. In short, you get the opportunity to learn from the best. Not to mention this learning program is your stepping stone for brighter future, too, with wide arrays of field of studies which are covered, you get one that meets you.

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Nevertheless, it is not possible to experience those aforesaid benefits without you applying Gold Fields career learnership. Depend on career path or field that you apply, the learnership program available at Gold Field requires different requirements, even so, the minimum requirements are the same, they are;

  • Citizen of South Africans with possession of matric and other qualification based on the field that they apply.
  • Computer literate and fluent in English with all of its aspects.
  • Flexible and a team player.
  • Willingness to learn and work hard.
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Another things you need to know that when you are applying Gold Fields career learnership program, there are some checks to undergo, such as, criminal record, credit records, fraudulent of documents, and more. Apart from the requirements and some checks related to particular documents, ensure that you prepare supported documents properly, or else it leads to failure. Potential learners will deal with a very challenging environment to obtain both skill and experience to make a great start for their career, for this reason, you should be medically fit, thus you should perform and pass the medical test.

Gold Fields career learnership program is designed to follow the industry needs through a duration either in 12 months or more based on the company policy. Become successful learners, you can expand your network that is very essential for your future career. And there is also possibility that you can work with them, though it is not a default. And let say that you don’t have the chance to work with them for some reasons, the national qualification that you get from the learning program gives you another new opportunity to become part of mining industry. The national qualification states that you have prior work-based experience, and for employers, it means that you are able to undergo responsibilities and roles of real work environment.

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