Govan Local Municipality Graduate Internship

Govan Local Municipality in partnership with Rand Water offer graduate internship programme to any talented applicants who meet the internship requirements. Nevertheless, the programme itself will last for about 3 years, and it is only available for applicants who hold these follow qualifications; (1) BTech/BSc/BEng in electrical engineering,, (2) BTech/BSc/BEng in mechanical engineering,, (3) BSc (Hons)/BSc /BTech for town and regional planning,, BTech/BSc/BEng in civil engineering,, and more. You can find the full list for field of studies which are qualified for the graduate internship through the official’s website.

The application for graduate internship programme from Govan Local Municipality should be submitted to particular email address based on applicants’ qualification before the closing date of the mentioned graduate internship on October 28th. Together with your application, you have to attach your identity document, qualification and curriculum vitae. Shortlisted applicants will receive correspondence from the official of the internship program. Simply put, if you get nothing from the official within 30 days right after the closing date of the internship programme your application is not successful. Important to know, there are another considerations to put in mind before submitting your application.

PROGRAM:  2018-2019 Imperial Graduate Internship Program

When making their final decision whether the applicants are suitable or not for the Govan Local Municipality graduate internship programme which is available, the official will prioritize applicants who; (1) unemployed and have the qualifications relevant to the internship programme, (2) citizen of South Africans who hold valid South African Identity document, (3) under 35 years old that should follow NSDS III, (4) driver’s license with code 8 will give you benefit, and some other more. The internship program is inline with company’s employment equity policy. At the time you apply the internship programme, check beforehand whether the academic content follows the internship’s academic requirements in term of professional registration or not.

PROGRAM:  NPC Internship Learnership Career Program

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