Group Five Bursaries Opportunity

Talented students with huge interest toward construction sector and intend to study construction management, civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, and more, they have huge chance to join Group Five bursaries program. This is a bursary opportunity that is designed not only to help its bursars to continue their tertiary education,   but also when it comes to enhance their practical skill. In detail, its successful bursars will obtain, first, graduate development program which help its bursars in many ways to enter the construction sector. Second, successful bursars have privilege for easy access when it comes to network support that somehow it assists them to join the industry.

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Third, Group Five bursaries 2017, 2018 & 2019 program provides cross-sectional training for its successful bursars, thus they gain better understanding about per part of the business and how each part of business can interact to each other. How to apply the bursary program? If you think that you meet the requirements which are requested, you can apply online for the bursary through the official website. Applicants who have any inquiries or in the case that you need further information relevant to the bursary program, then, the information can be sourced at their website. Not to mention that the closing date of the bursary is on October 31st.

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Late application when applying Group Five bursaries, your application for the bursary will be rejected. Carefully pay attention when completing your application online for the reason that it will lead to disqualification for false information. Even though Group Five is not the only bursary provider that offers both financial aid and  work-based  experience to elevate its bursar skill development, still, this kind of bursary opportunity is counted as rare. Thus, if you consider yourself have potential, be sure that you won’t drop your opportunity to apply the bursary program available at Group Five.

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