Harmony Bursary Scholarship Program

Bursary is great help for students who look for alternative to continue their education as they have great potential. Talented youth of South African who expect to attain a bursary scholarship program, Harmony bursary scholarship is probably what you need as your stepping stone to experience better education for bright future.Obviously, to be considered for the bursary opportunity, any qualified students should meet the bursary criteria. Who can apply for the bursary scholarship program? Potential students with grade12 and students from tertiary education can apply for the bursary scholarship. Nevertheless, the bursary criteria, you can find them below.

ZA Bursary

Grab the opportunity to apply Harmony bursary scholarship 2017, 2018 & 2019, ensure that you can provide; (1) certified academic result, in the case you are grade 12 applicants then you should provide grade 11 for December result, and also grade 12 for June result, (2) the same thing for applicants who are from higher institution, they should provide complete academic transcript to apply the bursary scholarship, and (3) certified identity document together with curriculum vitae. Potential students who win the bursary scholarship form Harmony, you can spend your tertiary education with ease and convenient as long as long you can maintain your good performance.

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Apply Online Harmony Bursary

In addition, you have to enroll at recognized South African tertiary institution, so then you have your chance to apply Harmony bursary scholarship. In the case that you are potential applicants who live in communities within Harmony operations sites, you have higher chance for the bursary scholarship. You have all of the requirements, apply online for the bursary scholarship opportunity  together with supporting documents none later than August 31st. Late application will be not considered, so ensure you send the application in timely manner. Yearn for more information, you can get them through Harmony website, before you submit your application through their website.

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