HCI Foundation Bursary

While you are living around South Africa, you need to know about the bursary program which can help you most to get better future life. There are thousands of bursaries you can take one as your best. You just need to classify what kind of bursaries you need to help you in reaching the dream as what you need. Most of the bursaries require the one who needs more hands for financial problems to get a higher education for them and they will work for the bursar company for an equal time of how long you get the bursary itself. Thus, if you want to take bursary, you need to ensure that you chose the right bursary as what you need. Every person has its own interest and perhaps you do. Thus, you need to know what kind of subject fields you like most and decide about what kind of bursary you can take to help you. One of the bursaries you can take is HCI Foundation Bursary. HCI stands for Hosken Consolidated Investments. It is an organization which has invested to the many companies but the majority is for Textile and Clothing Workers Union in this South Africa. But it also has investments to many sectors like properties, transport, mining, manufacturing, hotel and leisure, gaming, as well as media and broadcasting.

This foundation will award the students who intend on studying at the public institutions in South Africa. This bursary will cover the tuition fee up to 75% with the maximum number of R28 000. You will not get allowances for transport, meals, living expenses, residence, or books. If you want to submit your application to this bursary, you should ensure that you are qualified enough for their requirements. The requirements for this bursary are: you should be a South Africa citizen or refugee or even asylum seekers in South Africa; the maximum age of the year application is 35 years or under; for the current HCI Foundation holder will be welcomed to apply; you are a student in the first year of study in the same year of application and will study in the University of Technology or in the public University in South Africa; you should have minimum average for Matric of 55% or the year end results; the family income is less than Rp25 000 per month. Those are the requirements you should know before applying this bursary. You need to ensure that you have those requirements before applying it because if you don’t one of those requirements, you will not be considered to be their candidates which also mean you get fail from the first selection process.

For you who want to apply this bursary, you should do it online. You should register an account first and after it, you can log in to their official website. After logging in, you can complete the online application form of this bursary. There are 4 sections of it are personal details, parents’ employment details, details of your proposed study, and family details. After fill it, you also should upload the supporting documents like end of year results, latest Matric result, a proof of grant if this is applicable, proof of affidavit of unemployment or family income if it is applicable, and also your copy of ID. You just have to ensure that you provide those requirements to help you in getting this bursary in the best way. You should consider in taking this bursary to get more real experience and get your better future.