HCI Foundation Bursary, South Africa Financial Programme

HCI Foundation Bursary is awarded by the HCI Foundation to those who are interested in ensuring their education continues on forward. The HCI Foundation itself is basically a social investment branch of HCI, an investment company seeking to empower people of color. The company works in a variety of fields and industries including finance, gaming, media, and telecommunication. The primary focus of the Foundation is to make sure that all South Africans have access to all the supports they need to improve the quality of their life. Its programs revolve mainly around education, targeting all levels of it. It also aims at developing and enriching the environment in addition to ensuring said environment’s sustainability and defense. The bursary is of partial variety and is offered to students who qualify for the bursary. The students in question must also be those who are currently studying at a public institution across South Africa. Annually, there are 8000 applicants in average. Only 1000 applicants out of the total amount are granted bursary. The bursary being partial in nature means that it only covers no more than 75% of tuition fees with an amount not exceeding R28000. Not included in the coverage are allowances (funding for transport, meals, residence, books, and other living expenses). This makes it possible for the individuals involved to seek other sources to cover for the other parts that the bursary cannot fill in. Still, accepting full bursary from another source is not allowed.

Payments from the Foundation are directed straight to the institution where the students are studying; so, there will be no cash flowing through a student’s account. There is no obligation for the recipients of the bursary to repay all the cash made to pay for their education back. They are only required to repay what they have received through community projects; for example, a recipient may be expected to get involved in mentoring programs or tutoring programs as well as volunteering at either daycares or old ages homes.


To be eligible for an HCI Foundation Bursary Fund, an applicant must meet the following requirements: A citizen, a refugee, or an asylum seeker in South Africa; A full-time, first-year student in the upcoming academic year, studying at either a South African public University or the University of Technology; A student with matric or end year results amounting to at least 55% in average; Gross family income does not exceed R37500 each month and By the closing date, an applicant should have been 35 and no older than that

Those who are currently studying at TVET colleges, currently a distance-learning student, or a part-time student are not eligible for this bursary by default. The bursary typically opens on August 1st each year. The application process is conducted online through the following methods: Setup an account on the Foundation’s official website the moment the bursary is open. Make sure that every instruction found on the application form is followed; fill out important details including about the person applying for the bursary, the family, the parents/guardians, and the type of the study targeted for the upcoming academic year; Include the following documents in the application: A certified copy of ID; A proof of household income; An unemployment affidavit, if any, and A proof of grant, if any; Along with all of the above, the following details need to be given as well; An active email address; An active cell phone number; A student number if application is submitted in the second academic year or higher; Proof of parents’ or guardians’ income and Application must be submitted before the closing date.


An applicant will be notified regarding where their application stands at each stage through the process by email. Phone interview will be conducted with shortlisted applicants. Generally speaking, the whole process can be simplified into the following stages: Updates on an application’s status are given by email; Those qualified will be eligible to continue on with the next stage; Phone interview will be conducted with shortlisted first-year applicants and The final decision is given on March the following year. Typically, the application intake starts from early August through late November the same year. You can see information in here: HOW TO APPLY BURSARY.

The HCI Foundation Bursary targets those with financial disadvantages. Their goals are simple; they wish to be able to offer the communities a significant boost so that a better life and future can be readily accessed through equal opportunities. In the process, those the Foundation has offered help should be able to sustain themselves in the long run and the South African youth development can be improved and promoted as well. Underprivileged life situation and underdevelopment are two of the biggest issues existing in South Africa. The presence of this bursary is expected to at least alleviate the effects of these issues especially when it comes to potential students not being able to continue their education due to financial disabilities. The bursary is given to students wishing to study in any directions at any universities of their choice. Another thing of note is the fact that the bursary is of partial variety means that students going through remedial or more modules. Things to keep in mind when you are currently in the process of applying for the bursary include:

Email needs to be checked in a regular manner and if possible the Foundation’s social media accounts should be followed to receive any updates regarding the application; Email confirmation will be given to both shortlisted applicants and those not qualified; Application for a 1st-year study will be taken into shortlist; applicants will be notified by phone; Failure in meeting the requirements results in application not being considered; Application can be done online through the Foundation’s official websitea and Again, the bursary is given to those who are financially challenged; so, it is imperative that an applicant can provide a valid proof of family income to be eligible for getting into the shortlist.