HULAMIN Bursary Scholarship: Engineering and Accounting

Nowadays, there are many careers related to the engineering field. Why? The development of technology is massive and the needs of the people are getting higher. Therefore, the company or fabrication tries to increase productivity. In order to do that, they need to recruit skillful staff. That’s why many careers in the engineering field are available. However, in order to be eligible to work in the company, the applicants should get an engineering degree at least. The main problem is that studying in the engineering field of the university is quite expensive. Not all people can afford to pay for it. This problem can be found in many countries including South Africa. Many people in this country live in the poverty. Therefore, they aren’t able to continue their study at the university. In order to solve this problem, the government and some companies create the bursary program. This program will select talented and potential students to continue their studies at the university. This motivation makes them set the bursary program that is called as HULAMIN Bursary. They can study there for free. However, in order to be selected as the eligible recipient of the bursary, the students must fulfill the eligibility requirements and follow the bursary admission process.

The Bursary of Hulamin Company. South Africa has many companies that operate there. Each company has its specific focus. One of them is the Hulamin Company. It has been established in South Africa since the 1940s. This company focuses to supply aluminum in South Africa. Aluminum is widely used in many industries such as packaging, renewable energy, and others. Therefore, this company supports the development of technology in South Africa, especially in an aluminum factory. Well, this bursary is provided by Hulamin Company for the highly motivated students in South Africa. The students need to show a great willingness to study in the university specifically in the engineering field. Some study programs are available for the students to choose such as Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgy Engineering, and Industrial Engineering. Well, for the students who don’t want to study in the engineering field, this bursary offers the accounting of study program. After knowing the suitable study programs for them, the applicants can prepare the eligibility requirements of the bursary.

About HULAMIN Bursary Scholarship Opportunity

Kind of Eligible Requirements. As mentioned previously, the applicants that want to get HULAMIN Bursary need to fulfill all of the requirements. Otherwise, they will not be selected as eligible recipients of the bursary. So, what are the requirements of this bursary? The first requirement is the applicants should be a citizen of South Africa since this bursary is offered by the company in South Africa. It means the foreign students will never be eligible recipients of this bursary. The second requirement is the applicants should come from a family that needs financial support. The applicants who have disadvantaged backgrounds will be considered eligible for the bursary. Another eligible requirement of this bursary is that the applicants should complete the Matric. Or else, the applicants who are still in the progress of Matric can register as well.

The applicants who are studying in the available study programs will get more benefits in the selection process. However, for the high school students who want to apply for the bursary, they need to choose one of the available study programs provided by the bursary. The applicants also need to make sure that they will study from the 1st to 4th year continuously. It should be done to confirm the desire and the persistence of the applicants. Another requirement is that the applicants should choose the recognized university in South Africa. Otherwise, the bursary will not be given. The applicants who live close to the office of Hulamin Company also get the preference to be selected as the eligible applicants.

How to Apply for Bursary of Hulamin Company. The applicants who complete all the documents should follow the process of bursary admission. The first one is submitting all the required documents to the bursary committee. The applicants should send valid and correct documents. Otherwise, their application will be canceled by the committee. The first document is the ID documents of the applicants that states they are citizens of South Africa. It should be completed with a certified copy. The applicants who have completed Matric should submit their certificate and certified copy. However, the applicants who are still trying to complete Matric can submit the latest result along with its certified copy. Another document is the full academic records with its certified copy.

Apply HULAMIN Scholarship Program

It is used to prove that the applicants have a strong academic background. So, they will not face any difficulty in their studies. The applicants also need to submit a letter of acceptance from the university. But, they need to check whether it’s a recognized university or not. Besides, the applicants also need to make a motivational letter that can show their true ability and motivation. After that, the applicants can send the completed documents via email to the committee. The email address of the bursary committee is [email protected]. The committee will only accept the email so the applicants don’t need to send the applications via post or fax. You can more information in here: BURSARY INFROMATION.

The Benefits of Bursary. HULAMIN Bursary gives many benefits to the recipients. It can cover all the expenses of the recipients during their time of studying in the university. The main benefit is the tuition fee. This bursary covers the tuition fee of the recipient. So, they will study at the university for free. Another benefit is the registration fee before entering the university. The recipients also get support for the accommodation and meal expenses. They don’t need to think about how to pay for renting a dorm or paying for the food cost. By using this bursary, they can stay in the dorm and eat properly. The bursary also covers the textbook expenses. The applicants can use it to buy their needed books. Moreover, this bursary also covers medical aid insurance. It is important for the recipient since they may get sick during their time of studying in the university.