HULAMIN Bursary Scholarship: Engineering and Accounting

Our world is rapidly developing each year. With this rapid development, having higher education become an essential part in our life. By pursuing higher educations, we may have a higher chance of getting a job, thus making the quality of our life even better than before. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to pursue higher degree due to the lack of financial support. To solve this issue, a lot of organization and companies, both government and non-government, provide financial aid for education in form of scholarships, bursaries, and fellowships. For those who want to pursue education related to mining and engineering, you may want to try applying Hulamin bursary. Hulamin is a business that focus on semi-fabricator of aluminum situated in South Africa. This company supply customers all across the world generally, and Africa specifically, with various ranges of quality products. Hulamin sells to top distributors and manufacturers across various industries in the world with the support of sales offices in Europe, Unites States, and Africa, and also an international agent’s network. Hulamin has a commitment to support the development of aluminum industry within the regional of Southern Africa through their business units of extruded and rolled products. This company has an aim to create a significant contribution to South Africa, in term of sustainable development. They are also committed to good governance and responsible leadership of business, and to creating a beneficial impact on the communities, environment, and economy in the place they operate.

With the abundant productions of primary aluminum in South Africa, Hulamin ensures the satisfaction of their customers by processing the aluminum through their extrusion presses and rolling mill into a various range of semi-fabricated specifications and products. Hulamin Extrusions concentrates on customers within the regional market of Southern Africa, while Hulamin Rolled Products creates products of flat rolled aluminum, such as plate, sheet, and foil, for their customers within international and regional market around the world. The containers business manufactures containers from rigid foil that are supplied to the international and domestic food industry.


The main purpose of Hulamin is to fulfill the expectations from their major stakeholders. Those stakeholders include shareholders, every tier of government, local communities, suppliers, employees, and customers. This company wishes to fulfill these expectations by operating their business in a sustainable manner, creating relationships of supply for quality semi-fabricated aluminum products, and adding value to their customers’ businesses. Hulamin continuously seek to improve their business value by fulfilling the customers’ demands and supporting aluminum usage’s growth within their selected market sectors, with a focus on their regional and local customers. Their corporate symbol represents how they are committed to partnerships with their communities, customers, and suppliers.


Hulamin is a leading aluminium semi-fabricator and fabricator of aluminium products. To achieve our goal of competing as equals with the best in the world,  we offer Hulamin bursary on an annual basis in a number of disciplines that are key to our performance and long term sustainability as a business. Bursaries are available in the following disciplines: Metallurgical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering. Mechanical Engineering and Accounting. The Bursary offered by Hulamin is tailored to the individual and will typically include: Registration Fees, Tuition Fees, Accommodation and Meal  Fees, Book Fees and Annual Cash Allowance. Second year bursars qualify for a notepad computer and are required to work at Hulamin during at least one vacation period per year. We meet regularly with our bursars to ensure their studies are on track. You can apply HULAMIN BURSARY in here: APPLY ONLINE BURSARY

CLOSING DATE: NONE – students are welcome to apply at any time.

As for the bursaries, Hulamin offer annual bursaries to various disciplines related to their business. Those disciplines include accounting, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, electrical engineering, and metallurgical engineering. These bursaries will cover book fees, yearly cash allowance, meal and accommodation fees, tuition fees, and registration fees. In the second year, the bursars are expected to work at least once during a vacation period every year at Hulamin. The people who are eligible to apply this bursary are those the citizen of South Africa that has a disadvantaged background and reside within Pietermaritzburg area. The previous paragraphs already explain about information regarding the overview of Hulamin and its bursary scheme. If you are interested to apply to this bursary, you need to contact the office before October every year to make sure your application will be accepted by the office.