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Have interest in computer, technology, and its relevant fields, IBM career learnership is worth mentioning. IBM is one within several big companies specialized in information and technology. In short, IBM  has huge contribution in creating, developing, and manufacturing computer system, software, micro electronics, networking system, and other related information technology sectors. And yes, they are considered as the best. Per year, they invites talented graduates to join their learnership program to enhance their career opportunity as they will receive hands-on work experience from those with expertise. Despite of any graduates can apply IBM career learnership program, they must meet basic qualifications of the learning program before anything else. Thus, they can perform seamlessly during their time attending the learnership program.

Learnership experience helps its learners to get better understanding related to their future career.  That is exactly what you get through IBM career learnership. The experience and skill that you get from the learning program are not something random as the program is well-structured, therefore it will ease successful learners to join the labor force. They will be supervised and mentored by skillful professional within these follow fields, analytic, computer science, developer, project manager, consulting, researcher, IT architect, technical sales, client services, and more. Although, it is necessary for you to get further information about the closing date of each sector of the learnership program you expect to apply, in most cases IBM career learnership program requires no closing date, which means, qualified learners can forward their application in the whole year. Not stopping there, permanent employment is also offered due to the completion of the learning program despite there are terms and conditions.

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Fresh graduates have small chance to step into their desired labor force. Indeed, they have knowledge and skill in some degree, yet it is not adequate as they don’t have work-based experience. IBM career learnership, in case that you have interest in information and technology industry, is a note-worthy opportunity to splurge to IT sector. For the learnership program that is opened, there should be some differences of stipulations which are based on the field that is offered, even so minimum stipulations are;

  • The possession of grade 12 or matric qualification, in addition applicants should have valid south African identity document.
  • Hold either degree or diploma that is relevant with the opened learning program.
  • Computer literate and able to speak, write, and read English properly.
  • Keen interest to work which includes eagerness to learn and to improve for oneself skill development.
  • Problem solving oriented, organizational skill, and creative.
  • Able to work in team and by themselves.
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IBM career learnership improves your opportunity to get certain job that meets your needs. Everyday you will deal with real project (though it is under supervision) to help you to understand more about what things to do and so forth, thus you can perform your part properly. Indeed, you need to spend some time to attend the learnership program which means you can’t be registered at any institution. However if you consider that outcome of the learnership experience, learnership program at IBM is essential if you are very serious about fulfilling your dream in computer, technology, and its related fields. Before submitting your application, ensure that you properly complete the learnership application. Also, you have to provide contact detail, and supported documents to confirm your position for the learnership program. Keep your eyes on some important information related to the learning program. You know, a slight mistake that you made when applying the learnership program it brings you significant impact toward your application. Speak of learnership application for IBM learning program.

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