ILLOVO Bursary

As the world keep developing towards a better future, education has emerged as one of the fundamental needs in our life. Without high education, people may have difficulties in seeking jobs, thus affecting their quality of life. Despite how fundamental it is, education is a luxurious facility that cannot be enjoyed by everyone. To make sure more people can afford to pursue higher education, many companies and organizations provide various types of financial aids, such as fellowships, bursaries, and scholarships. One of those companies is Illovo Sugar Africa. This company offers Illovo bursary to everyone who is interested in sugar manufacturing field. As the largest sugar producer in Africa, Illovo has extensive manufacturing and agricultural operations within 6 African countries. This company produces refined and raw sugar for world, United States, European Union, regional African, and local markets from individual out-growers that supply cane to the factory and their own agricultural operations. Ninety percent of the electricity used by this factory uses renewable resources. This company is a subsidiary of ABF (Associated British Foods plc), a diversified retail, ingredients, and international food company operating within 48 countries.

The company is operating in countries where the soil and climate conditions are suitable for the cane to grow. In addition, the irrigation from sustainable and secure water source makes the operations ideal for high-quality and high-yielding cultivation of sugar cane. These supporting conditions results approximately 6 million tons of sugar cane every year. Added by the cane supplied by individual out-growers every 6 operating countries, Illovo possesses the ability to produce over 2 million tons of sugar every year. There are over 12,000 employees within permanent positions throughout the company, with additional 18,000 temporary employees.

As the main sugar supplier to the industrial markets and consumer in their own operating countries and neighboring African markets, Illovo uses extensive logistics channel and network to make it possible. This company also experts their products to United States and European Union. Through the sugar industry of South African, Illovo also sells sugar to the world market. Specialty sugars and syrup are produced within Zambia and South Africa mostly for local consumption. The specialty sugars produced in Zambia and Malawi are created for preferential markets within European Union, and for Malawi, it is also exported to United Stated.

Illovo provides a bursary program for students that are currently in their last year of school and have passed certain subjects, such as English, Sciences, and Math identified to be relevant to Illovo Sugar’s business needs. For students who are currently attending at either Technicon or University and possess beyond average academic proficiencies are also eligible to apply. For those who study in Technicon, Illovo will sponsors your in-service training on condition that you do the training to complete your B.Tech degree. This bursary covers examination, tuition, and registration fees, prescribed books, meals, and accommodation. The bursars shall prepare to work for the company if it is necessary during vacations. They are also expected to complete the practical training course at Illovo Sugar’s operating center. The field of study supported by this bursary are Agriculture, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical (light) Engineering, and Electrical (heavy) Engineering. The paragraphs above already describe the brief information about the overview of Illovo Sugar and its bursary program for those who are planning to apply the program. The application for the bursary is closed on September 15th every year. Do not forget to prepare every required documents and submit it before the deadline.