IMPALA PLATINUM Bursary Scholarship IMPLATS is Open

Every year, this world is rapidly developing to create a better life for everyone. This rapid development creates a more and more competitive lifestyle, especially in job-seeking. To get a higher chance of getting accepted in your dream job, higher education becomes an important aspect. However, education is still considered an expensive facility, especially in developing countries. To help solving this issue, a lot of companies and organizations, both government and non-government, offers various financial supports, including bursaries, fellowships, and scholarships. If you are interested in metal manufacturing, Impala Platinum bursary can be your solution. Impala Platinum Holdings Limited, or better known as IMPLATS, is considered as the top producer of associated PGMs (platinum group metals) and platinum.  This company is designed around 5 mining operations and a refining business called IMPLATS Refining Services. Their operations are situated in Zimbabwe, at the Great Dyke to be exact, and South Africa, at Bushveld Complex to be exact.  These two are the most important ore bodies that bear PGM in the world. This company possess a listing at the JSE Limited in South Africa, and a level one program in American Depositary Receipt, United States.

The vision of Impala Platinum Bursary is to become the best company in platinum production in the world, by delivering premium value to stakeholders comparative to their peers. The mission of this company is to market, refine, process, and mine their products safely at the most effective and efficient cost to ensure the sustainability of their value creation for all their stakeholders. The company continues to deliver high quality products that fulfill or exceed their customers’ expectations; on their commitments to all their stakeholders; on their employees development; a fair and healthy working environment via competitive and equitable practices of human capital; on their capital projects; a conducive, productive, and safe working environment; positive returns to their stakeholders via a model of operational excellence.


Impala Platinum cares for socio-economic condition and well-being of their surrounding communities, for their surrounding environment, for natural resources preservation, and for the safety and health of all their stakeholders. The company also respects philosophies of continuous improvement and risk management, the diversity of their stakeholders, honest and open communication, their way and place of work, company procedures and policies, the law of surrounding countries, the UN Global Compact principles, management and directors, customers and suppliers, regulatory bodies, surrounding communities, employees, shareholders, and other affected and interested parties.


The bursary provided by IMPLATS are open to everyone that meets the minimum C symbol in science and mathematics and minimum requirements of an exemption pass of a university. These bursaries cover personal allowance for computer on second year, cash allowance, residence fees, tuition, and registration fees. The bursars are expected to start vacation work in IMPLATS at the end of the year annually. The fields of study supported by the bursary are Human Resources (to honors level), Survey, Accounting (to honors level), Geology (to honors level), Chemistry (to honors level), Electrical (heavy current) Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Metallurgy Engineering, and Mining Engineering. You can download application form in here: APPLICATION FORM. Please complete the application form thoroughly using BLACK INK and in BLOCK LETTERS. Send it to: Impala Platinum, Bursary Department, PO Box 5683, Rustenburg, 0300.

CLOSING DATE: 31 March 2021

The company is searching for candidates who have proficient communication skills, are self-motivated, are able to think logically and make decisions, have common sense, are tenacious, have proficient problem-solving abilities, have leadership potential, are able to work in a team, and are able to work under pressure. The paragraphs above already explain about the overview of Impala Platinum and its bursary program for those who are willing to join the program. The application is closed on March 31st every year.