Impala Platinums (IMPLATS) Career and Learnership Program

Implats career learnership program is a learning program from Impala Mining Platinum to give assistance for youth of South Africans to actualize their desired future career. Even though the learnership program is designed for various fields, the main focus will be on mining industry. Implats through its learnership program has mission to narrow down the gap of poverty. They believe that with proper education, it can give significant change toward economy growth. The number of unemployment can be reduced and more. Those who don’t know Impala Mining Platinum is one within some top class mining companies in South Africa. The company is known as big supplier for platinum and platinum related metal. Unfortunately, these days the number of Implats career learnership is cut down as the company give more concern toward its bursaries programs as their way to help talented youth of South Africans for proper education.

Talk about Implats career learnership program, this is a great opportunity for graduates who expect to experience work-based environment, such as, production, management, various fields in engineering, human resources, mechanic, fitter & turner, boilermaker and electrician. Everyday during the learning program you have to handle duties and responsibilities inline with the learnership. You have opportunity as well to observe and learn from those who excel in the industry. Implats career learnership program provides challenging and dynamic environments for its successful learners to motivate learners to give their best performance during the learnership. Somehow, it leads to competitiveness between each of successful learners. Nevertheless, competitiveness is not the only thing. While they are performing their duties, learners will learn about teamwork in the same time. Beside training program, successful learners will get benefit from monthly allowance excluding accommodation, transports, and meals unless the learning program states the opposite.

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Implats career learnership program helps you in many ways to make your dream comes true. Due to the completion of the learnership program you have anything that you need to offer to your employers. Apart from the fact that the learning program is sized down, its official announces latest learnership per year depending on the needs of the industry. Some extra requirements are there, which are based on the field that is offered, nevertheless, these are minimum requirements for the learnership program at Implats;

  • You should be citizen of South African with valid identity document.
  • Hold qualification in grade 12 or matric.
  • Obtain minimum average 40% in maths and physical science. Bear in mind that, the minimum average for maths and physical science can higher depend upon the field that is available for the learnership program.
  • Strong communication skill and able to work with strict deadline.
  • High tolerance with heat and medically fit.
  • Able to work in team and also individually, and more.
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Ensure that you apply for Implats career learnership program if mining industry is your chosen career path. You know it is not easy to enter the mining industry if you have no previous experience in mining-related industry. Per day you are obliged to deal with high-paced environment. And employers don’t want to take any risk by hiring those with no experience. Implats learning program can close the gap when it comes to on-the-job experience within mining industry. Prior you forward the learnership application, prepare recent and comprehensive curriculum vitae, certified copies of your qualification and other supported documents stipulated by the announced learnership. When it comes to the closing date, it depends on the field that is offered and obviously, it will be different from one to another. The learnership program will be published either online or through magazine and newspaper.

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