The world is changing rapidly these days. To be able to keep up with the change, education is an important thing to pursue. By having higher education, the chance of being accepted to various job vacancies is increasing, thus will lead to a better life quality. However, education is still very much a luxury for many people, especially people in developing countries. A lot of governmental and non-governmental organizations and company provides financial aids in a form of scholarships, fellowships, and bursaries to help solving the problem. For those who are interested in economical fields, you may want to try to apply for Investec bursary. Investec is a unique asset manager and specialist bank. This company provides solutions that are relevant to their clients’ ambitions and needs. The purpose of Investec is to facilitate the management and creation of wealth. They provide financial services and products, filled with an individual approach, to a chosen client base within 3 principal markets: Asia-Pacific, Europe and United Kingdom, and Southern Africa. In South Africa, Investec was established in 1974, while in United Kingdom, it was establishes in 1992. Ever since its establishment, Invested has expanded over a mix of strategic acquisitions and important organic growth.

These days, Investec has over 9,900 employees around the world and is traded publicly in Johannesburg and London. The company’s divisions include Asset Management, Wealth and Investment, Private Banking, and Corporate and Institutional Banking. Asset Management division is an expert provider for active investment services and products to individual and institutional investors. Wealth and Investment division specializes in investing for professional advisers’ clients, trusts, charities, and individual clients, looking for optimal capital returns every time. Private Banking was built to give a service for individual needs of a chosen client base. Corporate and Institutional Banking provides a various range of services and products that include treasury activities and specialized lending.

Investec strives to become a unique asset manager and specialist bank driven by the commitment to their core values and philosophies. Their first value is entrepreneurial spirit, which means the company’s unique evolution and history is the evidence to what drives them. Next value is client focus, which means the company provides client services instead of customer support and generate services and strategies designed to match the clients’ goals and needs. Next value is distinctive performance, which means outstanding talent, ambition, and energy are what drive the company. Through openness, respect, and meritocracy to novel ideas, the company stimulate unique performance within their people. The last value is integrity, which means the company believes that the long-term relationships between clients and company is what makes this company different. These relationships are based on cast-iron integrity and honest and open dialogue.

To facilitate the emancipation of talented personalities, Investec provides bursaries and various other programs through university and school. These bursaries are awarded to students that possess strong potential to be successful in the sector of finance. Some of the supported fields of study are Mathematics and Sciences, Commercial LLB, Investments, Informatics, Information Technology, Information Science, Finance, Engineering, Economics, Computer Science, Business Science, Business Economics, and Accounting. The bursars will receive mentorships from Investec employees for their studies and are allowed to attend training programs such as boot camp in Investec. This program will be held during the 3rd year of study. Those are some brief explanation regarding the overview of Investec as a company and its bursary program for those who wish to apply for the program.