INVESTEC Bursary Opportunity CSI in South Africa

Those talented young generation who are seeking for a bursary opportunity, Investec bursary opportunity is worth a consideration. Not to mention, but with the collaboration between Invectec and Study Trust, this bursary opportunity will widen the chance for aspiring students with financial need to continue their education toward some universities in South Africa. The interesting part about this bursary, successful bursars not only get the financial covered, but also some other things that help them to deal with employment opportunity. It is hard for freshly graduates to get themselves a job right after they enter the society as they are still in a transition phase.

Students with strong academic students who aim for commercial LLB, engineering, science and maths, business science, bachelor of information science, bachelors of information technology, BSc information technology, BSc computer science, BCom informatics, and commerce that include finance, investments, accounting, business economics, and economics– to apply Investec bursary programme. Investec in collaboration with Study Trust will cover the expense that is necessary like tuition fee and some other, so then students with financial needs have opportunity to build their dream for better future. In addition, the bursary opportunity is offered every year.

Are you aiming to have qualification in IT and in need of financial assistance? Investec bursary scholarship programme is what you need. That said investec scholarship opportunity is designed for students either Honours or Undergraduates, therefore, they meet with no hassle related to financial issue for the reason that Investec already cover it up. However, full-time financial assistance is not the only thing that they offer for talented students that successfully win Investec scholarship. Investec will provide mentor for their potential scholars, thence they can maintain their excellent result. In addition Investec also gives chance for them to have interaction with their leader.

Qualified student that expect to participate to Investec bursary scholarship programme 2020, 2021 & 2022, first thing’s first,  ensure that you are applicants who are now in your second year or your final year to study , (1) bachelor business of science majoring in information system, (2) computer engineering or business computing, (3) bachelor of  commerce that majoring in information system or informatics, and (4) bachelor or science in computer science. Applying Investec scholarship, ensure that you hold citizenship of South African, not to mention that you should obtain average 70% from final year result.

As for that reason, Investec bursary2017 2018 & 2019 provides proper program for each successful bursar, so then they will easily tackle down any obstacles in achieving their future career. Considering to apply a bursary opportunity at Investec? First thing’s first, ensure that you enrolled within one of these following undergraduate majors; commercial LLB, engineering, science and maths, business science, BIS-bachelor of information science, BIT-bachelor of information technology, BSc information technology, BSc computer science, BCom informatics and the last one is commerce. Your major aside, below you’ll find some other necessary things to meet to win the bursary.

Successfully apply for Investec bursary programme, ensure that; (1) you are citizen of South Africa with destitute family background and in need financial aid to continue their study to tertiary institution, and (2) you posses or in the midst to have matric qualifications with minimum average for English and Maths (that is not Maths literacy) like 70%, and another minimum average 60% for any subject that you take, and obviously the higher the result that you obtain, the wider the chance to win the bursary. The bursary progarmme by Investec in collaboration with Study Trust, it is not merely about assisting successful bursars financially.

Widen your chance for Investec bursary scholarship programme, you have to display positive attributes that covers, (1) self motivated and self learners, (2) capable to work in team, (3) excellent communication skill, (4) leardership quality, (5) innovative personality, able to think with different point of view and more. Bear in mind that the application should be submitted in timely manner or it will be not successful. Pay attention in the way you complete your information, since it will lead to your failure as well if you don’t complete it properly.

Investec CSI Bursary

Investec, offers full cost bursaries to students who aim to study full time towards an undergraduate degree in Commerce, Business Science, Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology or a Commercial LLB. These degrees represent fields of relevance to the financial services sector. Bursaries are awarded on the basis of merit and financial need and for studies at select South African universities. You can apply in here: APPLY INVESTEC

CLOSING DATE: 30 September 2020

In fact, through Investec bursary programme, qualified bursars will be included in such a programme where they get access toward particular knowledge that is necessary to deal with any employment challenges after they graduate. But before you can experience those benefits, you need to apply for the bursary by downloading the application form. About further requirements for the bursary you can find them from the application form.

First, you must be aspiring SA students that is in need of financial aid. Second, you must have excellent academic record. Third, you hold 70% in maths (but not in maths lit) and English for those who hold matric exemption, and you should pass average 60% in any subjects. Through its bursary opportunity, Investec not only caters financial solution for its bursars, but also to make sure that they will have opportunity to aim their career option.