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What is your passion in working? I believe that you have a certain kind of passion to work. When we work, it is important for us to make sure that it is based on our passion. If we do not work based on our passion, I am afraid that it will be boring. You will not feel so comfortable to work too. That’s why it is very important for you to choose a job based on your own passion. Let’s say you like to work with the high interaction with many people. Or in the other words you want to work for the humanity and you want to have the high relation with the young people. It will be very possible for you. If you choose this kind of job, why do not you choose to work in NYDA career learnership. You can try to join in NYDA for getting the better chance for developing your own self. Do you know NYDA before? NYDA stands for National Youth Development Agency. It was established in South Africa and has the purpose to take on the challenges faced by many young people in South Africa.

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Are you interested to join NYDA career learnership? Of course, if you can join in NYDA, it will be such a big achievement for you. You will have the good chance for developing your own potency and you can also work based on your own passion working that dealing with the young people. You can help the young people in South Africa to gain their ability and potency in social work, IT systems and many kinds of knowledge. In the other words, you will work for the humanity. Besides of developing yourself, you can also have the better network of friendship when you can work here. You also will get the better career path if you work here since NYDA career learnership offers you with many kinds of career developments based on your own passion too. You will be able to help the humanity in South Africa too since they have the purpose for lessen poverty, improving the job stability, decreasing the inequality and also they provide the sustainable employment. They try to understand and give the long term solution for the problem faced by the young generation in South Africa.

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NYDA career learnership is available today. If you are interested to join in this program, feel free to join the program. Here are some of the lists of fields that they open annually, such as social auxiliary work, IT systems, human resources, business administration, child and youth care, early childhood development, and also information technology. The period for the learnerships are varied range from 12 to 18 month. What you need to do is choosing from one of the fields provided by NYDA career learnership above based on your passion too. Therefore, here are some requirements for the learnerships. Check it out!

  • The obligatory is that you should become the South African citizen.
  • Grade 12 certification is a must
  • The applicants should have the legal ID book or the valid one.
  • You should have the diploma or degree in a certain field that you apply.
  • You should be unemployed too.
  • For your information, the applicants with the disability in encouraged to apply too.
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Besides, you also need to register yourself through online registration. You simply need to click the site of NYDA Learnership if you want to join in this program. Do not forget to provide all of the requirements needed too before you enroll yourself in this program. I believe that you will be successful in joining the program. Good luck for you to join NYDA career learnership!


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