KPMG Bursary Scholarship: SAICA Accredited Chartered Accountants

Education is one of the most important things for human life. Having a chance to study for a higher degree can bring more opportunities for their career and life. People can learn many new things and try to get new abilities for their life. That’s why some people are trying desperately to get a chance for studying at the university. On the other hand, the quality of education also can affect the condition and development of that country. A higher number of people that can go to the university can increase and improve the development of the country. Therefore, some countries provide good facilitation in the university so that the student can learn properly. South Africa as a big country with some provinces also offers some bursaries to its people. Why? There are many people in South Africa who cannot study in the university due to financial conditions.  They cannot pay the tuition fee and other expenses. On the other hand, those people have potential and good academic backgrounds. Well, this company offers a bursary that is called as KPMG Bursary. That’s why some bursaries are provided by the government or company to South African citizens.

Understanding the bursary from KPMG Company. As mentioned previously, some bursaries are provided by the government and company. Generally, the companies that provide bursaries have a base in South Africa. Therefore, in order to improve the education of South Africa, those companies offer the bursary to South African students. One of them is KPMG Company. KPMG stands for Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler. It’s a company that focuses on tax and advisory services. This company has operated in South Africa since 1985. There are two programs of this bursary that are Pure Merit Bursary and Merit with Financial Needs Bursary.


So, what are the differences between those bursaries? The Pure Merit Bursary from KPMG will be given to the students who have a strong academic background but don’t need financial assistance. Meanwhile, the Merit with Financial Needs Bursary program will be given to the students who need financial support and have a strong academic background. Each applicant only can apply for one of those programs. Well, these bursaries also determine the available study program that is Chartered Accounting (SAICA). Therefore, the students who want to study accounting can apply for this bursary.

The Requirements to be Eligible Recipient. Well, the bursary of the KPMG Company also decides some eligibility requirements for those applicants who want to get this bursary. Only the applicants that can fulfill the requirements will be selected as the recipient of the bursary. One of the most essential requirements is the status of a South African citizen. Only the students of South Africa can apply for this bursary. The applicants also need to complete Matric or currently in Matric. This requirement will indicate whether the student is capable or not in the study. The applicants also need to be enrolled as students in SAICA study programs. Or else, they should possess the intention to study there. Otherwise, their application will be canceled by the committee of bursary.

The applicants also need to show a strong commitment to finishing the study as soon as possible without extending the duration. In addition, the applicants also need to fulfill the minimum score of the accounting subject and overall subject. Well, the minimum score for each student will be different since it depends on the year of study. For example, the first year students should achieve 70% of accounting and 65% of the overall average.  Meanwhile, the minimum scores of second year students are 65% of financial accounting and 65% of the overall average. The minimum score of third year students is 60% of financial accounting and overall average. Department of Health BursaryOn the other hand, the CTA students should possess at least 55% of financial accounting and 50% of the overall average.

The Process of Applying for Bursary. To be selected as the recipient of the KPMG Bursary, the applicants need to follow all processes of bursary admission. The first process is submitting the required documents to the committee of bursary. Well, the students must prepare all of the required documents so that their application will be considered by the committee member. One of the documents is ID documents along with its certified copy. This document is used to prove the nationality of the applicants. Another document is the certificate of completed Matric and its certified copy. The applicants who are currently finishing their Matric can submit the grade 11 final results and their certified copy. Meanwhile, the applicants who are studying in the university can submit the last academic records.

This document is used to prove that the applicants have a strong academic background. The applicants also should send the curriculum vitae and university official fee statement. On the other hand, the applicants who want to get a Merit with Financial Need bursary, need to submit other documents such as parent’s income and proof of another financial support. After that, all those documents can be submitted to the committee of bursary via email. The address of the email is [email protected]. The applicants can write KPMG Bursary Application – Full Name of Applicants in the email subject line.

Things Should Be Known About Bursary. KPMG Bursary also makes some terms and conditions about the bursary. The applicants must understand this. For example, after graduating from the university, the students need to fulfill the three years training contract. It will be a great chance for the students since they will get more experience about working environment. In addition, the recipients also need to maintain the performance of academics and study in the university. The committee of the bursary will conduct the monitoring of student’s performance every year. Only those who can maintain their academic performance will be considered as the recipient of the bursary for the next years. Another thing that should be considered is the students will be allowed to apply for only one bursary program. They cannot get the bursary for both bursary programs. Otherwise, the application will be eliminated by the committee.