KPMG Bursary Scholarship: SAICA Accredited Chartered Accountants

With a worldwide presence, KPMG continues to build on our member firms’ successes thanks to our clear vision, maintained values, and our people. KPMG is one of the most leading bursary in South Africa. At KPMG, they offer two specific bursary potential outcomes for school kids perusing toward getting to be SAICA allowed Contracted Bookkeepers, or CAS (SA). These KPMG Bursary are truly great. Their unadulterated advantage Bursary is given essentially based totally on your scholarly outcomes, even as their advantage Bursary with money-related requirements is granted in light of both your instructional impacts and your budgetary capacity. Be a piece of a worldwide organization of expert systems that give benefits to a hundred and forty-four nations around the world. KPMG has additional than 137 000 people in their gathering of laborers around the world. They give benefits in the fields of duty, inspecting notwithstanding Admonitory administrations to their customers. Are you looking for a bursary opportunity? Your wish is granted if you look for a bursaries for chartered accountant. Anyway, this is what are you looking? Not to mention, but for now KPMG invites talented applicants who have huge interest of becoming a chartered accountant to take benefits from the chartered accountancy bursaries that they design. You can leave, if this one is not what are you yearned for, but if it is read on. Within the bursary program, successful bursar will gain privilege for support structure and many others that is useful for self-growth.

Guess what? Chartered accountancy bursaries will allow you to join in-house board exams, and yes, it is not the only thing. You will be also supported with a team that really concern about not only your learning process, but your development as well. That said, how to apply for the accountancy bursaries at KPMG? There are some requirements you should follow that include; (1) CTA (Certificate in the Theory of Accountancy) or the one that is equivalent with it that you get from recognized university (SAICA), and (2) you are required as well to be able to deal with deadline and under pressure environment.


Both KPMG bursaries require gigantic instructional accomplishment as an establishment. While applying for a bursary with KPMG, pick which is quality for you by utilizing making those inquiries: Do you need generous subsidizing your examination? In the event that now not, watch for the unadulterated favorable position Bursary and Might you be not ready to go to school without sizeable monetary offer assistance? Assuming beyond any doubt, apply for the advantage Bursary with financial requirements.

Their bursaries consider the consistently changing requirements of our undergrads to guarantee that the researchers the organization value extend have what they need to finish their examination effectively. They furthermore bear in mind the abilities wished inside the expert offerings commercial center region and KPMG’s internal capacities wants. KPMG bursary include the resulting for dedicated and incited candidates who’re furnished with a bursary: Finish educational cost costs – Paid to establish; Required digital book charges – Paid to establish; Settlement charges at chose establishment of higher contemplating – Paid to find; Dinner charges at settled on organization of higher acing – paid to establish and Candidates can even get hold of a month-to-month stipend charge.

The fields of taking a gander at this are made accessible yearly for hopefuls with the KPMG bursary application are: B. Com Bookkeeping; Exchange; BBScience CA move; B. Com Bookkeeping innovation and B. Com inward Review – Respects. To use for either the regular legitimacy Bursary or the favorable position Bursary with money-related wishes, you need to meet the accompanying benchmarks: You should examine a SAICA known degree at a SAICA known college or other tertiary preparing association; You ought to break down full time; You should finish your degree inside the negligible number of years, EXAMPLE you cannot cut up one-year course more than two years and The bursary is displayed on condition that the researcher proceeds with his or her scholastic accomplishments throughout the span of investigating.


In order for KPMG to determine which bursary option you qualify for, we kindly ask that you upload the necessary documentation requested below. In addition to the completed form, all candidates have to submit a full academic history (Matric certificate through to your most recent results) and if you are applying for a Merit with Financial Need bursary, please submit all documentation listed below, along with your academic record to [email protected]:

  • Payslips for both parents/guardians;
  • 3 months’ bank statements for both parents/guardians; and
  • Utility bill (water and electricity, cellphone etc)


CLOSING DATE: Submission of applications are open all year round and students are welcome to apply at any time.

Competitors wishing to apply for any of the bursary potential outcomes as noted can be required to have the accompanying: Competitors ought to be a South African subject; Applicant must have a real ID digital book or card; Hopefuls ought to give finish instructive information; Candidates should to take a gander at full time and finish their degree inside the minimal amount of time; Candidates applying for Bookkeeping innovation (bcom) should have no less than 60% for money related bookkeeping and furthermore 60% normal for every other theme; Applicants hoping to apply for inner Review Bursary need to viably whole they’re Cum Laude certificate; Competitors perusing complete-time may likewise apply for a bursary; Candidates should do their cutting-edge learns at a SAICA distinguished school or Foundation of higher examining; Applicants take a gander at territory need to also be more like a recognized SAICA degree; Applicants need to keep a 65 % negligible normal or 60% if in their third a year and Candidates should moreover keep up a 65% least basic on their four principal subjects or 60% if in their third a year.