Latest Info About Oasis Bursary Programme 2018-2019

Students who are in need of financial aid should apply to Oasis bursary programme. Participating to the bursary opportunity, you need beforehand download, the complete then application form. Other than the completed application form, be sure to tag along the supportive documents that are necessary. Make sure that you put any essentials things that are requested before submitting the application. Too, lateness will lead to a unsuccessful application. Thence, the application should be sent before August 1st. Not to say, understand the characteristics of the bursary sound wiser, as you be informed about things that make you fail or succeed to win the bursary.

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In assuming that you can match the requirements to be awarded with Oasis bursary programme, you must be not in a condition where you accept another bursary unless you give written consent beforehand. Certainly, you are obliged to maintain your academic performance at least 70%, but above will be better. In addition, for whatever the reason that you have, the completion of the major that is covered by the bursary is a must. If you fail to follow your responsibilities as the bursars of the bursary programme from Oasis, there are things that await for you like the below mentioned.

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To win Oasis bursary programme, it is not easy, and yes many students wish the chance comes to them. So then, before you have access to the bursary, you have to sign the agreement that consist you with the administrator. You will be exposed to the terms and the conditions to read. If you agree, shall you apply for the bursary opportunity. The administrator will suggest you to have more insight toward the terms and the conditions. Your action to carelessly apply by taking the requirements, terms and conditions lightly will affect the recruitment process, since there is student that deserved more for the chance, can’t make it.

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