MERSETA Careers Learnerships in South Africa

South Africa will have more job vacancies to offer including in MERSETA Career Learnership that will offer you with the career you might love. As one of those SETAs in South Africa, it will cover different chamber including auto manufacturing, metal and engineering, tire manufacturing and some more industry sectors. Since SETA is established to support the development of different skill which is mentioned in the Skills Development Act of 1998, they will work to support those five sectors in which some of them are mentioned above. Those are what you are going to deal with when you work for Merseta. Among those SETAs of 21 SETAs in total, Marseta will cover engineering, manufacturing and all those related services. Since they encompass the sector related to engineering and manufacturing, there are around 40,000 companies that they will cover. Those companies are known to come with 14,600 of them as the levy-paying company. Moreover, the Marseta will also cover those company with the number of the workforce of 600,000. Those are significant numbers that you should consider when working with Marseta. It is important to know more about what they do in order to find the right position or to consider whether or not you have found the right place to involve.

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Get the Right Position at Merseta

Since Marseta is the part of the other 21 Setas, they are expected to fulfill the National Skills Development Strategy. This is how Marseta is expected to complete their task as the part of the SETAs. What they do is to support the training given to the employee. The levies they get from the Department of Higher Education and Training is used to pay the grant for the training, assessor, moderators and more. This is what the SETAs will do to support the strategy of and the act that has been settled by the government. Since Marseta is expected to provide the support for everyone to achieve the skill they need to work in South Africa, it is important to consider several values of Marseta including caring those people who want to be served for a better future by giving them the skill and qualification they want. For those who want to join with one of those SETAs in South Africa, Marseta will provide you with some position available that you can check regularly.

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They might not provide a large number of position to work with them, but they will provide you with the position where you can work while serving people. You can also find more about Marseta Career Learnership since there are more details about the vacancy which is also shared on the internet. However, you can always check the recruitment page on the official website of Marseta. They will provide you with the information you need to find the right position at Marseta. For example, they will provide you with the position of chamber coordinator. To get further information about the available position at Marseta, you can simply navigate your page to recruitment section on their website. There will be further description related to you’re the job vacancy you look for. This is how Marseta will help you find the right position you want by making everything easier and simpler. Moreover, they will help you to get the same chance by posting the available position on their website. You can also fill the form to provide a complete information about yourself with the same template.

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