Mercedes Benz Bursary Scholarship South Africa Intake 2021

Grab your chance to win Mercedes Benz bursary scholarship program, suitable students not only get chance for financial support, but also experiential training that will help them in many ways to have better chance to pursue their future career. In details, when you are becoming their successful bursars, you will have privilege to, (1) gain financial support, thus you can enroll to your preference University, (2) receive free textbooks, meals, and tuition fees, (3) have chance to join graduate development program of MBSA due to the completion of your study, and (4) vocational works at East London Mercedes Benz. Get yourself interested to Mercedes Benz bursary program, ensure that you know these following information,

(1) you can apply for the bursary scholarship program at Mercedes Benz if you are citizen of South African who are grade 12 leaners or first, second, third, or fourth year University students (full time), (2) students who are planning or studying engineering that covers, mechanical, industrial, electronics, electrical, mechatronics, HR, accounting/finance, LLB or economics, (3) grade12 applicants should provide their June examination results, too, if they have distinction either in HG physical science or HG Maths (engineering streams), it caters them benefits, (4) tertiary students should provide average 65% and able to maintain their excellent academic performance.

If you are expecting for a good chance to get financial aid for your higher level education through bursary program, you better take your chance for a Mercedes Benz bursary. Furthermore with all of the advantages that you’ll achieve, this bursary is not something you can ignore but only if you can afford all of the qualifications that are set by Mercedes Benz. As for it, here goes some requirements you should fulfill in the way to enlarge your chance to win the bursary. First thing’s first, you must be a permanent resident or the one one who gain a SA citizenship.

Ensure that you are aiming for or you have a plan to aim these following field of studies, such as; Logistic, Engineering for Industrial and Mechanical, Purchasing, Logistic, Human Resource, and some others. To be rewarded for Mercedes Benz Bursary Engineering, you must obtain first a grade 12. In addition, a bursary opportunity that is designed by Mercedes Benz is opened for first year students to fourth year students who are enrolled for those previously mentioned areas. One more, identify yourself that you are a full time student.

Mercedes-Benz South Africa – Pretoria Bursary Programme

Get a head start into the world of work by participating in the Mercedes-Benz South Africa Bursary Programme, and transport your career with one of the world’s most successful automotive companies. The Programme aims to harness outstanding achievers at Grade 12 and Tertiary levels into our fold of growing Talent, by offering the participant financial aid for studies as well as experiential learning.  You can apply in here: APPLY BURSARY

CLOSING DATE: 08 January 2021

The applications of Mercedes Benz bursary opportunity is for any applicants who meet the stated requirements above, but employees of Mercedes Benz. Now, you can apply online for the bursary scholarship program, keep in mind that you have to prepare all of the requested information for the application or it will affect your success to win the bursary program at Mercedes Benz. Lastly, the correspondence will be limited only for shortlisted applicants, which means if you receive nothing from the official, it indicates that your application is unsuccessful.

Speak for grade 12, you have to gain average 70% for English, Physical, and Mathematics, however, if you get better than 70% average your chance will be wider. When it comes to Science/Accounting Stream Maintenance, you should obtain average 65%. Anyway, curious with the benefits that you may get from Mercedes Benz bursary? Though, some conditions are applied, they not only cover your tuition, text books, and meals, but also, you have chance to grab MBSA graduate development opportunity, and also gain work-based experience at Mercedes Benz Head Office which is located in Pretoria within your vacation. Considering this bursary as your way to finance your tertiary education, then apply online before closed.