Mercedes Benz Bursary Scholarship South Africa Intake 2022

Having skillful and smart people is a must for a country. So, the country can conduct the regulation and boost productivity effectively. Almost all of the country will create an effective system of education so that they can get more skillful and educated people. It’s also the same case for the developed country. For example, South Africa. This country is well known as a progressively developed country. This country has passed a difficult time in the past due to the Apartheid policy. However, this country has woke up so that it can be a developed country with high GDP and skillful people. In order to do that, the government of South Africa has supported its people to continue their studies in the university. By getting an education in the higher level, it can improve the skill and knowledge of South African people. However, the main problem is that many students suffer from poverty. Their parents don’t have enough money to pay for the cost of the university. It makes many high school students choose to work instead of going to the university. Well, in order to solve this problem, many institutions in South Africa offer bursaries that can be chosen by the people. The Mercedes Benz Bursary can be used in various study programs and education levels.

The Details of the Bursary of Mercedes Benz Company. The bursary in South Africa is given by various institutions whether public or private institution. Each bursary has its regulation which depends on the granter. One of the most potential bursaries for South African citizens is the Mercedes Benz Bursary. As its name, this bursary is sponsored by Mercedes Benz Company. This company has been operated in South Africa for several years. In order to contribute to the development of South Africa, especially in the education field, this company offers a bursary. South African citizens can apply for this bursary and continue their studies at the university.


There are many study programs that can be selected by the applicants such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronics engineering, industrial engineering, mechatronics engineering, metallurgy engineering, computer engineering, software development, information technology, finance, accounting, human resources, business studies, legal law, supply chain, and logistics. The people of South Africa that are interested in one of those study program can apply for this bursary. It will help them to get experience, knowledge, and skill for their future. It will be easier for them to look for a good job after graduating from the university.

The Selection Criteria of the Bursary. The South African citizen that intends to apply for the bursary of the Mercedes Benz needs to know the criteria for the selection process. By knowing these criteria, the applicants can prepare everything and consider whether they can fit with the bursary or not. The first criteria are that the applicants should possess a 70% of the average score in grade 12 for the first semester. Well, another condition is having a 65% of the average score in the tertiary level for the first semester. However, the priority subjects that will be considered are mathematics and physical science. The applicants that show great potential in those two subjects will get more benefits. Another criteria is being accepted as a full-time student in a recognized university.

It means that the applicants need to show the student status or the letter of acceptance to apply for the bursary. In this case, the first and second-year students will be given more consideration to get the bursary. On the other hand, since Mercedes Benz is built-in Eastern Cape, the applicants that live there will get more benefits. The applicants that can pass the first selection process may need to do the psychometric assessments. This test is used to make sure that only the eligible applicants can be chosen for this bursary. Therefore, to get the Mercedes Benz Bursary, the applicants should be ready from the start. They need to maintain a good academic record during high school. Moreover, it will be better for them to know which university and study program in the list of the bursary. So, the committee will give more consideration based on the performance of the applicants.


How to Apply for the Bursary Admission. After knowing the criteria of the eligible requirement, the applicants must prepare several documents for the bursary. The first document is the Curriculum Vitae or CV. It contains the profile of the applicants. A good CV needs to show the potential, skill, and experience of the applicants. So, the committee of the bursary will be interested in the applicants. The CV should be made in PDF with a small size so that it can be uploaded to the internet easily. Another document is the certified copy of the academic result in grade 12. The applicants also can how the recent academic records of the Tertiary Level. You can see information open bursary in here: APPLY MERCEDES AVAILABLE BURSARY.

This bursary will be given only to the citizen of South Africa. Therefore, the applicants need to submit a certified copy of their ID as proof of being a South African citizen. All of those documents should be sent to the committee of the bursary. The applicants have to send the complete documents to make sure that they pass the selection of the document. Besides, the applicants have to send the documents before the closing date. If they are late, then the application will be eliminated from the selection process.

The Coverage of the Bursary. As one of the best bursaries for South African citizens, the Mercedes Benz Bursary offers some coverage that can be beneficial for the recipients. The first coverage is the registration fee. It means that the applicants can register at the university for free. The second one is the class fee. The applicants who want to join a class in the university don’t need to pay any fee since the bursary has covered it. The bursary also offers the accommodation fee so that the recipient can live in the dormitory close to the campus. The recipient will be given the fee for textbooks and examinations during their awarded time.