MerSETA Bursary

Nowadays, human lifestyle become more and more competitive due to the rapid growth of population and technology, especially in term of job-seeking. To make sure someone has a higher chance to get accepted in their dream job, it is important to have higher education. However, in many parts of the world, education is still pretty much an expensive thing to get, especially in developing countries. To answer this challenge, many organizations and companies, both government and non-government, offers various financial aids for education in forms of scholarships, fellowships, and bursaries. If you are interested in managing skills training and development, you may want to try applying MerSETA bursaries. MerSETA, or Manufacturing, Engineering, and Related Service Sector Education and Training Authorities. This organization is a part of 21 SETAs that was created to promote the development of skills according to the 1998 Skills Development Act. These 21 SETAs widely reflect on various sectors within the economy of South Africa. MerSETA covers engineering, manufacturing and other services related to the fields.

There are five chambers covered by MerSETA. Those are plastics industries, tire manufacturing, component manufacturing and motor retail, auto manufacturing, and engineering and metal. These five divisions include around 40,000 companies in which approximately 14,600 companies are tax-paying. The total number of workforces employed by these companies is more than 600,000 employees. The total income from levy is around R1.308 billion. Just like other SETA bodies, MerSETA play a major role in ensuring the fulfillment of NSDS or National Skills Development Strategy. The organization does not gather taxes but receives collected taxes from Department of Higher Education and Training instead. Around 70 percent of the taxes are spent for grants and the ten percent is saved for administrative purposes. MerSETA doesn’t give any training. This organization facilitates the training process by implementing various projects to equalize the gap of skills, monitoring training quality, accrediting providers, identifying rare skills, registering assessors and moderators, and paying grants.

The vision of MerSETA is to become the leader in equalizing the gap of skills exist between workforces. The mission of MerSETA is to enhance access to relevant and high quality skills training and development opportunities with the intention of reducing unemployment and inequalities and promoting participation and employability in South African economy. The values being held by this organization are ‘we care’ (caring for every of their clients), ‘we belong’ (togetherness while working with colleagues), and ‘we serve’ (giving more than the duty call).

The bursaries provided by MerSETA are awarded biannually for students of University of Technology and annually for other university students. The fields of study from University of Technology supported by these bursaries are Production Management, Polymer Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Engineering Metallurgy, Electrical Engineering, and Chemical Engineering. For other university, these bursaries support Production Management, Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering (Mechatronics included), Industrial Engineering, Electrical Engineering (both heavy and light current), and Chemical Engineering. You have to be a citizen of South Africa, possess a certificate of Matric of post-Matric, and fulfill the minimum requirements for tertiary institution admission. Preference is given to those who have proven need for financial support, possess previously disadvantaged background, are female students, are MerSETA employees, and are the direct family of MerSETA employees.

Those are some of the information regarding the overview of MerSETA as an organization and its bursary scheme for those who want to apply to this financial aids. The deadline for the application is tentative each year, so make sure to pay attention to their website.