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Since there are many inceptions of learnership program, many companies had a great success with their implementation. Those companies have reaped the rewards in terms of a greater skilled people to employ for better productivity because of a great competence and workforce capacity as a result of the additional learners in system. Yet there are other companies that had implemented the learnership in a great cost and it did not reap the same rewards for the candidates. One of the programs that have existed until nowadays is Microsoft career learnership program. This program has been provided by the giant company of software technology, Microsoft Company in South Africa. It was built for those of you who want to get a job in Department of Human Resources in Microsoft South Africa. This company is looking for the human resources interns in order to hire in a place of Johannesburg, South Africa for 25 month contract. Microsoft Company is looking for a team player which has a desire to learn a lot of things in human resources study. Microsoft is one of huge companies which is working in South Africa. Because it is a huge company which is working in some countries all over the world, the job and careers of Microsoft Company usually remain open. What you should do is to always prepare for the internship interview in Microsoft after you submitted your job application in Microsoft. The closing date of this program is still undefined, so it is good for you to apply your application in earliest in order to make yourself chose as the intern in Microsoft South Africa. There are some fields that you can look at it when you are considering about applying yourself to Microsoft career learnership program. The fields that are available in this program may include Sales, Marketing, Computer Science, Management, Programming, Finance, Human Resources, Product Development, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Customer Support, Development, Research, Communication, and Technology. They all have many opportunities globally and locally since it is open for the candidates from around the world.

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Some programs that are offered by Microsoft only run for about a short 3 months and the others may run up to 2 years. Each program in this company has its own duration and different benefits for those who are becoming successful candidates. Your experience and the expertise level will be boosted in the department of human resources. After completing human resources internship in Microsoft Company, South Africa, you will get the different job and different career opportunities from the other big companies that are working in South Africa. This company has branches in the whole world and customers that will make you as a candidate will get a job and good career easily after joining the Microsoft career learnership program. The candidates may be required to travel if it is asked. People with disabilities also can be an encouraged candidate to apply in this program.

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By having all of those benefits which will make you be better in your future career and job, it is time for you to arrange your future from now on by joining this Microsoft career learnership program. Make sure that you are not late to submit your application in that program. What you have to require to apply in this program are be a permanent South Africa citizen and resident, have a legal ID document, you have to be computer educated, confident in English, complete understanding of the technology, and some more requirements that you can find if you check on their website.

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For those of you who are really interested in Microsoft career learnership can apply the application form in online for this program. The open of Microsoft Learnership program will be displayed and the candidates can easily access the application by simply checking it on the internet.

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