Mineral Resources Bursaries (Dept), Mineral and Mining

In June, the Department of Energy merged with the Department of Mineral Resources, forming a single Department of Mineral Resources and Energy with a singular purpose of ensuring a provision of energy and mineral resources that is both secure and sustainable for socio-economic development. One of the concrete ways the Department has chosen to go about this purpose is by offering the Mineral Resources Bursaries to those who are eligible. The presence of this bursary is dedicated to encouraging the youths to continue of studying in related fields so that by the end of their study period, a new batch of reliable and dependable manpower can be generated to improve and promote South African ways of producing energy and maintenance of mineral resources. The bursary targets those with a financially challenged background and especially those residing in rural areas, which results in a scarcity of access to learning opportunities. Those who seek to further their education in the fields of mining and minerals as well as energy can try to apply for this bursary as they are expected to be the agents that help transform the face of South African industry sector.

However, keep in mind that the bursary is only accessible to those planning on continuing their study at a university or the University of Technology within South Africa. Also of note is the bursary’s type; all the expenses covered by the program are limited solely to those related to full time studies. Agreements between recipient and the program will only be applicable for the upcoming academic year, provided that said recipient registers their name for full time studies. As such, it is of utmost importance that a recipient confirms their unemployment status the moment they sign the agreement for the bursary.


The Department of Mineral Resources and Energy holds the singular role in determining who among applicants is selected and the decision is absolute in nature; meaning there will be no negotiation following the decided shortlisted candidates. The Department will only open a communication way with those who make it through the pre-selection stage but it is also the Department’s absolute decision to drop a name off the list should the need arise. Through the awarding of this bursary, the Department hopes to improve the country’s competitiveness factor on a global scale, sustainability in the transformation of minerals and the sector of mining in general, and to ensure that South Africans have access to the benefits from the abundant mineral resources in the country.

Simply put, this bursary is suitable for anyone (within the confine of requirements, that is) who are currently on a journey finding some sort of support for their education, financially speaking. The bursary is designed to provide assistance for students looking to study in the following fields and disciplines: Mining engineering; Chemical engineering (mineral processing); Electrical engineering (heavy current); Electro-mechanical engineering; Environmental health and management; Geology; Industrial engineering; Mechanical engineering; Mining survey and Rock engineering.


So, how should one apply for the Mineral Resources Bursaries? The first thing on top of the list should be finding an application form. This can be found online, ready for download. The application form should be submitted complete with the following documents: A certified copy of ID document; A certified copy of latest results of matric, if currently in matric; A certified copy of matric certificate, if matric is completed; A certified copy of latest academic transcripts, if still at a tertiary level; A certified copy of registration of a letter of acceptance from a university; A certified copy of ID documents of parents or guardians; A certified copy of death certificate of parents or guardians, if deceased; An affidavit if an applicant doesn’t know where their parents are; Proof of employment of parents or guardians; a pay slip if employed, an affidavit if otherwise; A certified copy of proof of residence in any of the following forms: a utility bill, a sworn affidavit, or a stamped letter from local authority and A motivational letter, through which a hopeful applicant can explain in an extensive and expressive way why they are the one to receive the bursary. You can see more bursary information in here: BURSARY INFORMATION.

An application form must be submitted complete with the above documents in any one of the following ways: By email to the email address: [email protected] or Hand-delivered to address: The Department of Mineral Resources Trevenna Campus, 70 Meintjies Street, Sunnyside or By post to: Private Bag X59, Arcadia, 0007.

Each run of the Mineral Resources Bursaries comes with its own closing date. This closing date is non-negotiable in nature; meaning submissions made after the closing date are deemed ineligible and unsuccessful by default. So anyone wishing to take this opportunity must be attentive to the date in question. Also, all the documents mentioned above, which should be included upon submitting an application for, are compulsory; meaning failure to include any relevant documents will lead directly to the submission being unsuccessful. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted by the program so if an applicant does not hear back in any forms whatsoever, they should come to terms with the fact that their application does not make it. Another thing to keep in mind is the requirements.

Any hopeful applicants must comply with requirement guideline as stated by the Department which comprises the following: An individual of South African citizenship; An individual of disadvantaged background, with having a residence in a rural area being priority; An individual with keen curiosity toward learning; An individual with adequate pass rates; 60% for English,75% for physical science, and 75% for mathematics; An individual currently not employed; An individual currently studying or planning to study at a university or the University of Technology in South Africa; An individual of first year of study is preferred; An individual currently studying or planning of studying in any of the fields agreed upon and An individual currently in matric or having completed matric.