Mining Qualification Authority MQA Careers and Learnerships 2018-2019

In this year, MQA career learnership is back in recruited people to join the program. Known as Mining Qualifications Authority, the program is set to accentuate polishing skill in mining and mineral industry. The program is also supported by the government as it is established under the Mine Health and Safety Act No. 29 of 1996 and disclosed as a part of Sector Education and Training Authority under the Skills Development Act No. 97 of 1998. This program is highly focused in producing young skilled people in South Africa. Along with that, it is hoped that the program can create the youngsters in South Africa to be the future in the country, especially the mineral and mining industry. MQA career learnership prepares the balance amount of lesson and training session in educating the youngsters to be the leader in the industry. So, for the young people who want to join the path in having a career in mineral and mining industry, this first step is the right decision to make because the learnership ought to be compromise that the program can really produce the eligible human resources in South Africa. The program also offers you with much specialized training regarding on your chosen learnership.

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MQA career learnership also provides some beneficial outcomes for the people who have joined the program. The basic benefit is to achieve some great experiences in the program. The great experiences are about to meet the professionals in the mineral and mining industry. This is a rare chance that these people is the people who will share their knowledge about the industry and they also have some skills in maintaining the qualities in working. Any other that is you can learn about the proper working ethics in the industry. This is important to be pinpointed because each industry has different mechanism in performing the business. The mineral and mining industry has its own distinct characteristics. Furthermore, mineral and mining industry in South Africa holds a great promise and you can ensure that the training in MQA career learnership can be a perfect weapon to face the problem in getting a job.

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So, if you are South Africa citizen with a great belief to join the mineral and mining industry, MQA career learnership will assure you that you can be the capable candidate in entering the industry. While you have decided to participate in the program, you need to complete some requirements such as NFQ 4 qualification with English literacy and it is also preferable for you to have N2 in Engineering Studies.  Along with that, you need to have good motor skills because the training will contain training which involve a good coordination in hand, eye, and foot. There are also some preferable terms for the candidate and one of them is the initial knowledge and practical experience in engineering. Well, it is because the learnership will teach about many things related to engineering area.

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Therefore, you need to be ready to have a great commitment in taking the path. You need to consider about many things before making the decision. However, the moment you join MQA career learnership, you will be no longer a person who have a decent working experience. The learnership will educate you to be a serious matter in the mining and mineral industry because we believe that the applicants have such abilities and skills which can be valuable for the industry in South Africa and we want to entrust the future of South Africa in the hands of the applicants. Together, we certainly can lead a reliable and secure vision for the development of South Africa in mineral and mining industry.


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