Mintek Bursary

Mintek was first founded back in1934 by South African Government as a laboratory to support explorations of minerals. To this day, the organization is still supported by the government as an effort to (a) give a boost to the technology of mining minerals and (b) develop and improve both expansion and establishment of industrial sectors concerning minerals as well as other products that are derived from those minerals. The organization is independent in nature, whose focus is directed toward processing minerals as well as metallurgic extraction of industrial minerals, ferroalloys, base metals, platinum, and gold. Internationally, Mintek works in tandem with producers of metal and mineral. Nationally, the organization develops specific technology to purify, treat, develop, and extract minerals or other things derived from them. Beyond what it has as its primary offering, technical-wise, it also offers programs for students with exceptional interests in the field. Anyone who is eligible can enjoy studying with supports provided by Mintek Bursaries.

There are two kinds of bursary programs offered by Mintek: Undergraduate and Postgraduate bursaries. The programs seek to nurture skillful individuals who can help the organization by filling in positions in its operations, development, and research divisions. The undergraduate bursary program is intended to help equip individuals with degrees of either Honor’s or BTech diploma one. The postgraduate bursary program seeks to help undergraduates to elevate to a doctorate rank. Upon completion of their study, students will have to work for Mintek on yearly basis. Said students will also need to complete training courses in order that they can polish their skills even further. With everything offered by Mintek and its bursary programs, it is expected that students can advance forward and become dependable scientists. Working next to world-class scientists will come as an additional bonus everyone may love experiencing. The bursaries will cover for fees including: university tuition, full registration, exam, university housing, university meals, university books, and allowances. The program offers supports for the following study fields: Fuel Cells Study, Nano Technology and Science, Physical Metallurgy, Physics, Engineering Mining, Mining Environmental Compliance, Engineering Mechanical, Catalysis, Processing Minerals, Precious Metals/Based Drug Discovery, Analytical/Geochemistry (Chemistry), Engineering Chemical (Process Control and Mineral Processing), Engineering Electrical (Electronics and Process Control), and Geology (focusing on Economic, Applied, Petrology, and Mineralogy). Some of those aforementioned fields are available for students of Postgraduate program; please contact Mintek for precise information. Individuals interested in any one of the available subjects or fields must meet the following requirements: (a) have a South African ID, (b) be of South African citizenship. If you are still at a college at the moment, you can still apply for the bursary. Grade 12 students are eligible to apply (provided that they meet the following criteria: English level 5, Math level 5, and Physical Science level 5).

Anyone applying for undergraduate program must meet the following criteria: (a) full-time students of South African citizenship, (b) individuals who enroll to a university but are hindered financially. Matriculates can also apply for the bursary, but only after the university to which they enroll approves on the basis of matriculation exemption. Students from other countries can also try to apply for the bursary provided that they are currently staying in South Africa at the time of enrollment. Closing date for enrollment is determined depending on the type of bursary programs chosen. Undergraduate program ends in July of each relevant year. The postgraduate program, on the other hand, does not have limits or so-called closing date. You can try to apply for this Mintek Bursary program conveniently. Just click on the provided link below and you will be directed to steps of application.