Motsepe Foundation Bursaries 2018 – 2019

Students with promising academic result and look for some ways to complete their higher education without so much tension, grab the benefits of becoming successful bursars of Motsepe Foundation bursaries as the bursary will support its applicants financially. Motsepe Foundation has huge contribution not only in scheming bursary program, but in many philanthropic projects like charitable event, health care, and more, for its mission to help the poor to have better life standard. Previously, the bursary accommodates 375 talented students taken from Metro-Motsepe/26 district municipality. Beside, you have to meet the bursary’s requirements, the faster you apply for the bursary, your chance is higher.

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The requirements for Motsepe Foundation bursaries 2018, 2019 & 2020 are; (1) candidates should be citizen of South African who have intention to continue their higher education within South Africa, (2) provide valid proof that indicate their needs for financial support, (3) grade 12 applicants should provide their matric result, and when it comes to enrolled university candidates, be sure to tag along academic record, (4) candidates have to obtain average 70% minus Life Orientation, (5) students who aim to complete qualification in arts, agriculture, law, business, technology, entrepreneurship, engineering, and medical, (6) able to preform sound academic record, and more.

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In addition, Motsepe Foundation bursaries aren’t for applicants who already hold degree/diploma or for candidates with sponsor. The bursary application will close on October 14th, so before the mentioned date, send your application online to, after you download the bursary application form. Whether you are qualified for the bursary program or not, you will find out by December 31st as the official will inform shortlisted applicants for the next step until they officially become Motsepe bursars. The bursary program itself is a great chance to change your future through education, thus take benefit from it before its too late.

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