MULTICHOICE Bursary Scholarship Program for 2021 Academic Year

Working in the broadcasting field is a great opportunity for those people who are highly creative. They can work on television programs, online videos, radio, and others. The staff will have many chances to meet with great people and explore their idea. However, in order to be accepted as the staff of the broadcasting field, the staff should possess the high ability and wide knowledge. Some broadcasting companies only recruit staff who have an undergraduate degree or higher. It happens in almost all countries such as South Africa. However, in this country, there is a classic problem but yet still needs a lot of works to solve it. The problem is that many people don’t have enough money to study at the higher education level such as the university. They cannot pay the tuition fee and fulfill the monthly allowance. Therefore, some students who have the willingness to work in the broadcasting field should give up their dream.  In order to help the potential and talented students, some companies that are working in the broadcasting field offer a good bursary. The students can use it to continue their studies at the higher education level such as the university. As mentioned previously, some bursaries can be used by South Africans to continue their study. Some of the bursaries are from the company. One of them is MULTICHOICE Bursary. Well, just like its name, this bursary is provided by the MultiChoice Company. It has been operated since 1993. This company provides some services around South Africa such as Showmax which is an online video on-demand subscription, Supersport which provides some sports channels on some networks, M-Net which is a satellite television subscription, Irdeto which is digital platform security, and GOtv which is a digital television platform. In order to contribute to the improvement of education quality in South Africa, this company offers the bursary.

The Bursary from the MultiChoice Company. Well, several study programs can be chosen by the applicants from this bursary. The applicants also can choose to continue their study in some degrees such as undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma, and others. The available study programs are Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Computational Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Creative or Corporate Brand Communities, Data Science, Digital Marketing, Digital Engineering, Customer Insight Technologies, Economics, Electrical Engineering, Law, Human Resources, Financial Accounting, Information Technology, Information Systems, Media Studies, Film Studies, Television Studies, Sports Broadcasting, Scriptwriting, User Experience Design, User Interface Design, and Customer Experience Design.

Knowing Requirements for the Bursary. The applicants who are intended to study in the university by using the bursary of the MultiChoice Company need to know what the requirements are. Why? By knowing the requirement, the applicants can prepare the best thing for the bursary admission. The first requirement is being a South African citizen. This bursary is limited only to the citizen of South Africa. There will be no foreign students who can apply for this bursary even though they live in South Africa. Another requirement is the completed Matric. In order to be eligible for this bursary, the applicants must complete the Matric. In addition, the applicants should possess good academic records for the latest one. The minimum score is about 65% averagely.

The applicants also need to choose one of the available study programs provided by the bursary of MultiChoice Company. Moreover, the applicants also need to choose one of the recognized universities in South Africa. It will be better for them to consult the committee whether their university is accredited or not. Another requirement is proven as the person who needs financial supports. The applicants must show that the family income is not enough for continuing their studies. Besides, the disabled applicants have a higher preference to be selected as the eligible recipient of the bursary.

How to Apply for the Bursary. The applicants who want to get a chance as the recipient of the MULTICHOICE Scholarship have to follow the admission process. The first process is submitting the required documents to the committee of the bursary. Several documents should be submitted by the applicants such as ID Documents as the South African citizen with its certified copy, the latest academic transcripts with its certified copy, letter of acceptance as the university students in the accredited university, the invoice of the university, ID Documents of parent or guardian along with its certified copy, the documents that states the income of the family, the detail of the monthly budget of the family which includes the income and expenses in one month, curriculum vitae, and the motivational letter that states the reason why the applicants are eligible as a recipient of the bursary.

Apply MULTICHOICE Bursary Scholarship Program

Well, another additional requirement is the letter of recommendation of the parent. Even though this requirement is not mandatory, it will be better for them to make the letter of recommendation so that the possibility of being granted is higher. After completing all the documents, the applicants can send the documents to the committee via email. Well, the email address of the committee member is [email protected]. The applicants should send the applications before the deadline otherwise their applicants will be canceled. You can see more information in here: BURSARY INFORMATION.

The Condition and Coverage of Bursary. As one of the most recommended bursaries for the citizen of South Africa, MULTICHOICE Scholarship has set some regulations related to the contract of the bursary. Well, the granted students will receive this bursary for about 12 months. It can be renewed by considering the financial condition of the company and the academic performance of the granted students. If both conditions are good, the bursary will be given in the following 12 months. On the other hand, this bursary also offers some coverages that can help the students in pursuing their degree in the university. The recipient will get the registration fee and tuition fee for about 12 months. They don’t need to pay money to the university. In addition, the bursary also covers the accommodation expenses of the recipient. They can live close to the university for free. The students will also get the yearly allowance that can be used for about 12 months.