NAMPAK Careers and Learnerships, Packaging Excellence 2018-2019

You must have already heard about Nampak. In South Africa, Nampak is one of the best packaging industries. In 1960s, Nampak or National Amalgamated Packaging joins the entrepreneurship and enumerated on Johannesburg Stock Exchange in 1969. From time to time, the company managed to persist in the packaging industry and keep maintained the business until present. The company preserves the status as the leading company because it can gain such achievement, along with great experiences in the industry. The company has been responsible for manufacturing glass, paper, metal, and plastic packaging with great qualities. The packaging has been around in the public as the ones which wrap food and beverage products, cosmetics and medical merchandises, and many more. The company is one of the best companies which invest some developments to South Africa and a living proof of the success of a packaging business in South Africa. Now, Nampak career learnership gives some chances to young people in South Africa to study about packaging industries throughout the perspectives of Nampak. As the company has operated for many years and in many sites, including some places in South Africa and UK, the Nampak career learnership offers the training which can sum up all the experiences of the company in sustaining the leadership in packaging industry.

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Nampak career learnership is also known as the learnership which displays the dynamic atmosphere of learning. The learnership has been arranged into an effective and resourceful system which can bring out the abilities and skills of the applicants. This can be used as a good chance for the applicants to extend their initial abilities. The practical method of training also gives the applicants about the real image of workplace. The applicants will be pleased with the great programs that are available to make them gaining more achievement. Nampak career learnership is also offered the applicants with some fields of work that can be fitted with the consideration of the applicants, such as glassmaker, sales, electrical engineering, human resources, business system and many more. The learnership makes sure that each field of work is handled by the professionals that can enhance the skill of the applicants.

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For South African citizen, this is a good opportunity for you to improve your skill, ability, and work ethics. There will no regret in joining Nampak career learnership because you can gain more than you can expect from the learnership. Be it skill, ability, or motivation to be a dependable person for the company. You can get many advices from the learnership which can help you to expand your abilities and produce a bigger chance for you to contribute yourself as the special asset, especially in the packaging industry.

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For young people who seek for working experience in the reputable company, Nampak career learnership is the key for the answer. There is also a great prospect that you can invest all the training and lesson as the ones which guide you to accomplish the future that always is in your dream: to be a successful person. Now, it is the time for you preparing for everything. You can begin to check the required qualifications to join the learnership which includes your legal status as South African citizen, your proficient skill in communicating with English, your willingness to work overtime and to work well in team or individually, your legal Matric certification and a diploma or degree which is suitable for the chosen application. For some applicable position, there are also some added requirements which preserved as the additional qualifications to meet certain expectations, so you need to check carefully about the applicable position in the learnership.

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