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Mondi vacancies learnership offers a chance for the people who want to have a career in pulp and paper industry. This is a special provided by Mondi group, an international group that concerned in the packaging and paper production. The company has operated in more than 30 countries and has a strong base in South Africa. The company has developed and employed over 24,400 people during its establishment and now, this is the opportunity for you in joining with these people to build your career throughout Mondi vacancies learnership. The learnership consists of much training which concentrated in improving your skill in the production of pulp and paper. The training will be handled by the professional tutors who have great qualities and plenty experiences in the industry. Coordinated with the three values preserved by Mondi group, the program is aimed to create people to be passionate in giving the best service to the costumers, to be exceptional in conducting the work ethics, and to be creative in introducing innovation ideas in developing products. The program has systematical and effective arrangement to help you grow into a dependable person in sustaining the industry, so by that time you have finished the program, there is no way that you have changed into better person who have learned many skills.

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Previously, it is mentioned that this program is supported by Mondi group that have such trustworthy reputation in the industry of South Africa, this proves that Mondi vacancies learnership is not a program that can be underestimated. Under the supervision of professionals, you can experience working in Mondi and learn about the principles of working. For the people who have not strong experience in understanding the manufacture system, the program help you to gain much information about it. The learnership also guarantees you to have a promising future. For applying into Mondi vacancies learnership, there are some requirements that you need to know. You have to be a South Africa citizen with a legal ID card. You have a Matric certificate which will be enclosed in the application and also it is required for you to have BSc degree in mechanical or electrical engineering. For the people who have an experience in the applicable position, it is welcomed to join the learnership because it will be seen as the benefit for the applicants.

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Waste no time and begin to consider Mondi vacancies learnership as the solution for your problem in choosing career because we offer you many drills to increase the value of yours. You can be the expert in pulp and paper industry, along with the professional tutors that we have in the learnership. The learnership also creates approachable atmosphere that can help the applicants to get much attention in improving skills and techniques in manufacturing business. For those who do not have much experience in working, this can be a right spot in challenging yourself. You can build your competitive character in a good manner and learn how to be dependable person who can be precious talent in the industry.

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Again, Mondi vacancies learnership will assure you that you can expect much potential from the learnership. Together with our tutors and staff, we will transform you to be a person with many positive traits. You will get much confidence in paving your future in pulp and paper industry. Do not be afraid to take this first step because you will not regret to involve with the learnership. Instead, you can create your own success story to be shared with other people. You can be one of successful candidates in having such good impact and influential in the paper and pulp industry.


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