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Do you have the interest to work in medical field? If yes, why are you interested to work in the medical field? For the simple answer, we care about humanity and this is one of the ways that we can do for having the good deeds to help others. Being a doctor, nurse, and all of the staffs who work in the medical field are interesting. That’s why there are many kinds of people who are interested to work in this kind of field. If you are interested to start your own career path in medical field, Pathcare career learnership will be the right path for you. Moreover, if you are living around Cape Town, Upington, Port Elizabeth, Bethlehem, East London, Boland and West Coast, George, Bloemfontein, Kimberley, Vereenining, Klerksdorp and Welkom, this is the good chance that you can choose.

The Pathcare career learnership has the purpose to optimize the patient care via the perfectness of pathology services. For you who are interested to work in the medical field, this is the good chance that you can take. If you are really interested to work in medical field especially dealing with patient care, you can join the Pathcare career learnership. Path Care academy invites you to be the individuals who are responsible and respectful and those people who have the well-developed work ethic and those who are responsible for the customer needs. You can join the program to sharpen your skill and prepare your own need to be ready for your career path. We know that this is one of the established company in pathology. So, as the starting point this company will be good for you. It will give you many advantages to start your own career path.

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So far, are you interested to join in this Pathcare career learnership program? If yes, of course you need to make sure that you are suited to the requirements as follows.

  • First, for the Student medical laboratory technician program, you should be the students of medical laboratory program (should pass math and science especially biology). For the phlebotomy technician learnership, you should pass grade 12 with the math or math literacy and also biology.
  • Second, you should be active in spoken and written English.
  • Third, make sure that you have the good proficiency in reading, writing, and understanding the basic Africans.
  • Next, you also should possess the well-developed for the work ethic and also you can work under the pressure.
  • You need to be willing to collect the process blood and also the body products.
  • Willing to work based on shifts.
  • You can provide the perfect service and you should be responsive for the customer needs.
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Are you interested to join in Pathcare career learnership? If yes, please pay attention for the selection process. You need to join and follow some of the selection process in order to be successful candidates. You will face the process such as the screening of your documents and also the academic results, then you need to join the proficiency test, panel interviews. Those who can pass all of the process will be accepted in the program of Pathcare career learnership. You will be accepted in Path Care Academy if you can pass all of the requirements. Make sure that you can prepare all of the needs well if you really want to be successful candidate in Path Care. Well, to get the clear information about the process and the selection, it is better for you to click the Path Care Learnership website. You will find out all of the information that you need to get from this site well.

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