Petra Diamonds Bursary Program

Having the brighter and better future job is the dream for everyone. If you are a college student and you are looking for having the best chance for studying, you can find that having the bursary program will be really helpful. In this case, the bursary program can be your solution so that you can get the college study to be free. For you who want to get the bursary, you can get the program which suits you the best. Petra Diamonds bursary program can be your solution so that you will have a covered college fee and you will also find the program to be really advantageous for your need.

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As you get the program for your college study, there are lots of advantages for you if you consider having this program. For example is that you will get the Petra Diamonds bursary program is really suitable for you who are looking for the best things in your college study. The bursary will cover some things like the full tuition fees, the annual cash and also the travel allowance, life skill training, practical vacation for the December and January and also the full residence and meal costs for you. This is really good thing for you to consider having the program.

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If you are interested in this program you can get the requirements like you have to be the citizen of South Africa and you have to get the interest in mining industry. Besides, you have to also get the proper academic matriculation and you should also get the good achievement in your study. You can get the form for applying to this program. Besides of that, all the needed documents and the forms should also be sent to the company before the due date on 30 September for applying this Petra Diamonds bursary program.

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