Pharmacy Bursary Scholarship At Clicks

If you are qualified applicants who have plan to complete BPharm or Bachelor of Pharmacy degree from accredited SA university and look for bursary scholarship to finance your study, you have to consider recent pharmacy bursary scholarship program from Clicks. Surely, to be able to apply the bursary scholarship opportunity that is available at Clicks, you have to meet the requirements, that is requested by Clicks bursary scholarship to ensure whether you are qualified or not to win the said bursary scholarship program. Do you want to be part of it? Pay attention toward the requirements below.

Pharmacy Bursary 2017

PROGRAM:  SACEMA External Bursaries

Securing your position for pharmacy bursary scholarship 2017, 2018 & 2019 program that is available at Clicks, ensure that you; (1) have citizenship of South African, (2) full time students for undergraduate degree from higher institution of South African, (3) you are registered students who are in the midst of completing BPharm whether you are second, third, or fourth year student, (4) your age is around 19 to 35 years old, and (5) make sure that you are not in possessing of bursary that is given by another institution. Aside from the requested requirements which are designed by Clicks as the official of the bursary scholarship program, you should know that this bursary program will put its priority toward qualified students from destitute family.

PROGRAM:  Afrox Bursary Opportunity

Apply Online Pharmacy Bursary 2017

Successful bursars of pharmacy bursary scholarship, they will obtain benefits from the bursary scholarship that cover the whole expense of the tuition fees. Interested applicant that meet the requirements can apply online Clicks bursary scholarship before its closing date on August 31st 2016. Let say that you want to apply for extra or additional funding requests, you can deliver it to the Bursary Committee. Ensuring that you will not miss any pivotal information related to the bursary scholarship, source the bursary information through Clicks website.

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