Platinum Metal LONMIN Careers Learnerships Program

From the first it was begin and up to now, Lonmin has come in a long way. It was built in the 1990’s as the Rhodesian Mining Company. Formerly, it was a part of British platinum mining group and it first started mining in Bushveld of the South Africa. This company still registered as London office. Nevertheless, its Operational Headquarters is situated in the Johannesburg, South Africa. The main mining concern is situated in Limpopo and Marikana. All of them are known as the producers of the platinum group of metals and also offers a great opportunity of Lonmin career learnership program. The company offers practical training and theoritical teachings which are done by the experts in each field, the duration of the training is depend on the expertise field that you decided to follow. Successful candidates would be required to sign a binding contract legally for the duration of this program, or as it is agreed upon by the company and selected candidate. Theoritical training consists of 40 percent of the Lonmin career learnership. Each stage consists of the structured learning components which are done by the accredited learning institutes. It has been proven to be effective thoroughly for the company well as the learner. The workplace of this training would make up the other 60 percent of the program. It would be structured in accordance for the standards as it is determined by the learning units. Also, it includes the structured work training that is completed in the workplace. This program has been offered by the company in each year for a number of communities in South Africa. All of people from those communities struggle to fight the poverty, reduce the unemployment, and have a purpose to create the skilled workers. There are a lot of programs in each year, most of them include Rock Engineer, Chemical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Diamond Processing, Diesel Mechanics, Jewelry Manufacturing, Administration, Welding, Human Resources, Metallurgy, Financing, Instrumentation, Rigger, Analytical Chemistry, Fitting and Turning, and Boiler-making.

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Each year, this company provides the programs for various communities in South Africa. Lonmin career learnership program has many benefits for its successful candidates from different communities in their fields. Individuals from each community will known about increasing their strategy to combat the poverty, creating such a skilled workers, and reduce unemployment in their country. Lonmin career learnership is an equal opportunity employer which aims to assist in the stabilizing economy in South Africa while it is also providing for skilled workers in all the scarce fields. You may not be worry about the stipend because all the learners will receive their monthly stipend from this company although the transport and meals are not be covered by the company as well.

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The candidates of Lonmin career learnership should include the detailed curriculum vitae with the contact details, the contactable references, and information that are pertinent for the application as well, certified copies of relevant certificates, and proof address that is no older than three months. If you are interested in joining this program, those requirements is something that you should have, beside the requirements that they are should be permanent resident and citizens of South Africa. Joining this program may give a good effect for your future and it will be very helpful for your job and career. Therefore, you should take this opportunity as long as it suits you better.

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All of the applicants from different backgrounds are invited to apply in this Lonmin career learnership program if they meet all the requirements and qualifications which have been stimulated. If you think that you are qualified enough to join this program, it is a good opportunity for you to apply in this program.


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