PSG Bursaries, Development and Empowerment of Youth

PSG Bursaries Program is offered by the company PSG for those who require financial assistance to complete their studies at certain fields at a university in South Africa. PSG is a group that offers financial services to customers, which works independently. The group’s approach is oriented toward values offered to the financial needs of their clients. The company has begun offering their services since 1998 and today it operates through at least 250 offices that can be found throughout South Africa. Its presence can also be observed as far as Namibia as well as Mauritius. The group’s services are emphasized on the creation of wealth, the preservation of wealth, the management of assets, and insurance as part of their effort to provide their clients (both of individual and enterprise needs) with an expansive selection of products and services to choose from. PSG is divided into three major divisions, each dedicated to and operating in specific services: PSG Wealth, PSG Asset Management, and PSG Insure. PSG Wealth focuses on providing clients with a service of asset management, which is designed to cater to their specific needs, either as part of a business entity or as an independent individual. Such services include an investment platform, online trading tools, and planning and administration of estate.

Those looking for a business assistance through this service can choose to apply for the company’s a full suite of employee benefits as well as solutions for investment that are multi-managed. On the other hand, what PSG Asset Management is offering is basically a concise range of international funds and local unit trusts that are simple to navigate but comprehensive in their package. PSG Insure works as advertised; it focuses on providing clients with a full coverage of short-term insurance products and services.


The PSG Bursaries Scholarship is practically another product presented by the company in an effort to prove its commitment to providing an opportunity to help usher in the growth, development, and empowerment of South African youths. This is a contribution made by the company to establish a program through which young talents can flourish to eventually make it big within the industry of financial services. Those eligible for the bursary can enjoy a wide range of facilities and benefits throughout the course of their studies. They will receive financial support to sustain their final year of undergraduate or postgraduate program in the form of allowance for textbooks and tuition fees. The recipients of the bursary are also supported financially for their admission to a Graduate program for the upcoming year. Other ranges of benefits to enjoy include on-the-job training, mentoring, continuous coaching, and a chance to get exposed to the industry of financial services first-hand.

In order that an individual can apply for the bursary, said individual must: Be of South African citizenship; Have completed matric; Be planning on obtaining a postgraduate degree qualification in any one of the fields of study that are offered (more on this later); Display excellence in their average academic backgrounds; Be someone whose passion is in a career in the sector of financial services; Possess a reasonable ambition; Be great with working under pressure; Possess some resilience; Possess energetic lifestyle; Be someone whose orientation is toward solution; Be able to work along with and within a group or a team and Be able to pay a great attention to details meticulously.

Those who are living with disabilities are encouraged to apply for the bursary and students from specific designated groups will be given preference and put on a priority list. This goes to show that the company is fully committed to embracing diversity as they believes that this is the key to achieving their primary goal, which is to establish a workforce that’s inclusive in every sense of the word.

So, how to apply for a PSG Bursaries program? First off, please pay attention to the fields of study that are being offered as this is how one knows if their application goes along with the program. The fields offered are: Mathematics and applied mathematics; Statistics; Actuarial sciences; Engineering (electrical, electronic, computer, industrial, chemical); Software development; Computer science; Informatics; Information system and Information technology.


Afterwards, one can start the application process, which is done solely online through the company’s official website. On the website, head toward the “Career” tab to discover more about how one can begin applying for the bursary. Be aware that the whole process won’t start until one registers an online profile at the website. This means an applicant must login to their own account to start application process. Once a profile is created successfully, one can commence uploading documents required, including: A certified copy of ID documents; A curriculum vitae; A certified copy of latest academic transcripts (on tertiary letterhead) and A certified copy of certificate of degree qualification. You can see more information about bursary in here: BURSARY INFORMATION.

The abovementioned documents are of utmost importance. They are compulsory and play a role in determining whether the application form makes it through administrative selection process. This means that failure in including any one of the documents results in the application being unsuccessful. Another thing that should be kept in mind is the fact that an applicant must meet the basic requirements mentioned before. This is to ensure that said applicant can go through the next selection process as those not meeting the requirements are not eligible for being granted the bursary in the first place. In addition, the bursary comes with a closing date, which is also compulsory.

This means that submissions made after the closing date has ended are not eligible and thus are not successful. Only candidates in consideration will be contacted by the company and this is non-negotiable in nature as communication will only be established between the program and an individual if said individual is shortlisted. Submissions delivered in ways other than specified are also not considered as well so make sure that the application is submitted online via the official website of the company’s.