PWC Bursaries Chartered Accountant Programme 2021

PWC Bursaries is a bursary program offered by the Pricewaterhouse Coopers to those with a knack in financial services industry sector. PWC is a result of a merger of two accounting firms, Price Waterhouse and Coopers & Lybrand, which took place in 1998. Today PWC operates through its 23 offices in South Africa and boasts at least 9000 staff and almost 400 partners scattered across 34 countries in Africa and a total of 156 countries globally. Together with KPMG, Deloitte, and EY, PWC is one of the big four accounting firms on the global scene. The company’s services are offered in a wide range of selections including higher education, agribusiness, automotive, transportation and logistics, healthcare, industrial manufacturing, renewable energy, chemicals, mining, engineering and construction, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, insurance, financial services, asset and wealth management, and banking—and those are only to mention a few of what the company can do for their clients. The intention of providing a bursary is to draw interests from talented South African youths with financial challenges that impede their way to success in the field, especially within the Accounting sector. The absence of educational funding often becomes the sole reason why these brilliant, potential youths cannot fully materialize their capacity and this is what the company seeks to rectify through this educational program. However, the bursary is intended for those with financial challenges that show excellence in their records at the school or university.

This opportunity is up for grab for those currently studying (or at least planning on studying) to obtain a SAICA degree, which eventually leads to a designation of Chartered Accountant or SA. The CA Training program by PWC is open to students regardless of their time of studies, which means those in currently matric or at a tertiary level can also try to apply for the program. Once a student completes their honors degree or receives a CTA (Certificate in the Theory of Accounting) the CA training will start.


The PWC Bursaries is available for those able to meet the following standards: An individual of South African citizenship; An individual who has completed matric; An individual with a matric exemption, proven with university acceptance; An individual who passes Mathematics (not Mathematics Literacy) and English in matric; An individual with an average of at least 60% for all subjects; An individual with good English prowess and An individual with excellent communication skills.

These requirements are standard, meaning an individual must be able to meet them in order to qualify for going through further process in the future. In addition to these standards, the program also seeks for applicants with the following soft skills at their disposal: Excellent skills of leadership; Excellent skillsets in the fields of business, technical realm, and digital world; Excellent interpersonal skills; Excellent capabilities in solving problems and Ability perform in a team and to build strong relationships.

The ability to show the abovementioned qualities would be a great plus in ensuring an applicant’s place in the shortlist. This also goes to show just how valuable an individual is that they deserve the financial support as provided by the company.


How to apply for the bursary? It is pretty simple, really. Everything will be conducted online so there is no need to get entangled in all the hassles like sending or delivering an application form. But a hopeful applicant should register an account at the company’s official website in order that they can login to said account to continue on with their application process. The application form will be available once an applicant has done setting up an account with the official website. However, the application form is not the only document that an applicant must fill out and submit. There are other documents that need to be submitted alongside the form as well including: A certified copy of ID document; A certified copy of matric certificate; A full academic record on tertiary letterhead, if currently studying and Proof of tertiary acceptance/registration on tertiary letterhead. You can see bursary information in here: BURSARY INFORMATION.

These documents must be uploaded to the website’s database along with the application form. Keep in mind that the absence of any one of said documents is subject to the application not being regarded. They are compulsory so they must be present along with the application form for a candidate to be in consideration.

There is a closing date for the PWC Bursaries. A hopeful applicant must look for the information on this closing date. Why? A closing date is absolute and non-negotiable. This means failure in meeting the stated deadline will be proven disadvantageous as it results in an application will be deemed unsuccessful if sent past the closing date. And one cannot negotiate the late submission or seek for leniency on whatever ground. Shortlisted candidates will be notified by the program and communication will only be established once an individual is eligible for going through the next step. Also worth noticing is the bursary’s type. The bursary only works partially, meaning a recipient will be responsible for paying a portion of the cost as the company does not cover for the full tuition fees, accommodation, and textbooks. It is encouraged that the individual seeks another means to cover for the other portion of expenses on their own.

A student is also responsible to maintain excellent academic record throughout the course of their study as this ensures they are continuously supported financially. The company has the right to cancel the bursary should a recipient fail in meeting this one crucial point. Once the student graduates from the university, the recipient is under obligation to work for the company under a training contract, the duration of which is in accordance with the value of the received bursary. Further information and more enquiries can be found on the company’s official website. Head on to the website’s career page to discover more in terms of what a hopeful applicant can learn about the bursary.