PYROTEC Bursary: Engineering, Finance, Marketing

South Africa is a developed country that has some significant improvement in many areas. The economy of this country is getting better. In addition, the infrastructure of this country is also developed to support the life and transportation of the people in South Africa. This country also focuses on the development of human resources so that they can improve the skill of the people. However, this country also faces the classic problem but essential for the country. The problem is that not many people can afford to study in the university for improving their knowledge and skill. South Africa still has many people who have low income so that they can pay for the cost of studying in the university. This problem needs some solutions so that talented students can get a chance to study in the university. One of them is by giving the students a bursary. Even though this solution is a temporary solution but it can give a lot of positive effects. Many students of South Africa can go to the university by using the bursary. So, what kind of bursary that is available for South African citizen? Well, several bursaries can be used by South African citizens to continue their studies in the university. One of them is PYROTEC Bursary. Like its name, this bursary is provided by the Pyrotec. It’s one of the well-established companies in South Africa. This company has been established in 1966. It focuses on the production and distribution of the products that can be used as identification. Generally, this company can be divided into two types that are Pyrotec PackMark and Pyrotec PackMedia. The Pyrotec PackMark offers some kinds of products such as coding, labeling, and others. Meanwhile, Pyrotec PackMedia produces some kinds of products such as booklet labels, and others.

Knowing More About Bursary of PYROTEC Company. This company has been operated for more than 50 years. Even though it’s a private company, it still contributes to the education of South Africa by giving the bursary to the eligible recipients. The bursary of the Pyrotec company can be used for studying in some study programs such as industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, finance, marketing, graphic design, psychology, and human resources. All of those study programs are related to the need of the company. Why? It follows the main purpose of the bursary that is to improve the skill and knowledge of the people in South Africa. So, the quality of human resources of the company and country can be increased.


The Facility and Contract of the Bursary. Well, every bursary has a specific detail of its coverage. In addition, the bursary also set a contract so that the program can be done properly. It’s also the same case as the bursary of Pyrotec Company. The bursary can cover the tuition fee of the university in South Africa. It allows the recipient to study in the university for free. In addition, the bursary also gives the facility for students to rent a single room in the university dormitory during their study time. The students can live there for free. Moreover, this bursary also covers the registration fees in the early of study. Well, this bursary also covers the transportation allowance and the annual allowance for books.

The recipient can spend about R10.000 each year to purchase the textbooks that they need. However, the student needs to know the contract of the bursary so that there will be no problem with the bursary. The first condition is that the students who graduated from the university need to work at Pyrotec company for a while. The work duration is equal to the duration of the bursary. It will give a lot of benefits to the recipient since they will get working experience without applying for any job vacancy. However, the applicants of this bursary must take note that they will be contacted within 8 weeks after the submission deadline. If they are not contacted by the committee, then they are eliminated from the shortlisted candidate of the bursary.

The Requirement of Bursary’s Admission. The South African citizen that wants to apply for the PYROTEC Bursary needs to know what the eligible requirement in the bursary admission is. The first requirement is being a South African resident. This bursary will be given only to the people of South Africa. Therefore, no foreigner can apply for this bursary. In addition, this bursary also regulates that the applicants should be Affirmative Action (AA) or Employment Equity (EE) candidates. The applicants also need to complete the Matric OR. If they haven’t finished the matric, they need to show proof of the matric progress. On the other hand, this bursary will be given only to the applicants that are studying or want to study in the recognized university in South Africa. Besides, the applicants can only choose the available study programs that are decided by the committee of bursary.


The Admission Process of the Bursary. In order to be considered as the shortlisted candidate, the applicants need to follow the admission process of the PYROTEC Bursary. The first one is submitting the required documents to the committee. The required documents are the application form of the Pyrotec bursary, ID documents along with its certified copy, motivational letter, letter of acceptance of the university, matric certificate, and the calculation of the estimated costs of studying in the university. The applicants who want to get the transportation allowance need to submit proof of address. Those documents are scanned and combined in 1 PDF File. You can see more information about this bursary in here: APPLY LATEST BURSARY.

The applicants have to make sure that they submit the completed documents to get a chance in the next process. The combined document can be sent to the email of the committee. The address of the email is [email protected]. Meanwhile, the subject of the email is the Pyrotec Bursary Application – full name of applicants. In order to get more information about this bursary, the applicants can contact the committee through email or telephone at 021 787 9600. It will connect to the HR Department of Pyrotec directly.