PYROTEC Bursary: Engineering, Finance, Marketing

Pyrotechnical Marketing (Pty) Ltd endeavours to contribute to the growth and fulfilment of the youth in South Africa in as many ways as possible and hence intends to award bursary opportunities. As their contribution to assist talented youth of South Africans to have bright future through education, Pyrotec bursary programme is now available to award qualified students who intend to continue their tertiary education in DTP/graphic design, psychology, finance, sales, marketing, mechanical/electrical engineering and industrial engineering. When applying for the bursary programme applicants have to provide; identity document certified copy, grade 12 certified copy or from higher education level, motivational letter on which you state the reason why the bursary provider should award you for the bursary, and bursary application form where applicants can download online. Once everything is completed, the application and supported documents to apply Pyrotec bursary programme have to be submitted before closing date, and make sure that you forward the application in timely manner.

Any inquiries about the bursary programme, applicants can directly source it through (HR Department). Keep in mind that only applicants who are South African and are considered as EE/AA applicants who can apply the bursary programme. In addition, successful bursars they have obligation to sign bursary contract, not to mention the bursary programme will be paid per year. About further information related to the bursary programme like the payment and more, it will be informed when the applicants officially become Pyrotec bursars.

The Pyrotec bursary is a comprehensive bursary which includes the following: 100% of the prescribed university tuition fees and registration fees. Prescribed tuition fees and registration fees are paid directly to the university. An amount of not greater than R10 000, 00 per annum towards textbooks which will be paid directly to the individual or service provider upon receipt of the invoice. Monies for accommodation are paid directly to the university if the student is staying at university-administered accommodation. Transport allowance will be paid directly to the individual. If applicants are applying for a transport allowance, proof of address must be submitted with their application. Full details of the payment process and the requirements which must be met will be communicated to successful applicants once a bursary has been awarded.

An amount equal to the average rate will be paid for the accommodation in a single room at a university hostel at which the Pyrotec bursar is studying. This rate will be determined by Pyrotec. Should the accommodation be a private hostel or residence, the amount paid shall be determined by Pyrotec. Students will be required to pay for any repeat subjects themselves. In cases where the student elects to stay in non-university administered accommodation, monies in lieu of accommodation will be paid directly to the property owner, provided a lease agreement and/or invoice is provided. Payments in respect of the above are made once a year. Successful applicants will be bound contractually to work at Pyrotec after graduation for a period equal to the tenure of the bursary, should Pyrotec require the applicant to. Fields of study covered by the bursary: Industrial Engineering, Finance, Graphic Design, Marketing, Mechanical Engineering, Human Resources and Psychology.

Bursaries For 2021 Are Now Open

How to APPLY: 1. Pyrotec Bursary Application Form; 2. One-Page Letter Of Motivation Suggesting Why The Applicant Should Be Awarded A Bursary; 3. Certified Copy Of Grade 12 Or Highest Level Of Education; 4. Certified Copy Of ID; 5. Proof Of Address – Should You Require A Transport Allowance; 6. University Acceptance Letter Or Proof Of Registration and 7. Proof Of Estimated Costs Or Actual Invoices (Tuition, Accommodation, Text Books; Previous Years Quotes Will Be Accepted As Well). You can apply this bursary in here: APPLY PYROTEC BURSARY

CLOSING DATE: 01 January 2021

Speak of Pyrotec bursary programme, its successful bursars will get benefit from, (1) full exam fees, registration fees, and tuition fees, (2) meals and accommodation, and (3) pocket money and books. Nevertheless, the bursary provider has no responsibility for the repeated subject. Something like prescribed exam fees, registration fees, and tuition fees, Pyrotec will directly pay it to the University chosen by successful bursars, in case that they choose staying at administered accommodation of university, however, if it is not, then the bursary will be awarded directly to successful bursars.