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A radiologic technologist, as of May 2016, earns a yearly salary of $58,960 in average. Average hourly earnings for such a professional would be around $28.35. What is even more promising is the fact that there has been a sustainable and immediate demand for someone who works in such a medical field. Physicians’ offices, clinics, and hospitals are in constant search for capable and well-educated radiologic technologists and the field of radiography is a medical spectrum that should be developing even more with increased job growth in the future. A radiographer, in general, is a person who uses specific and special tools to peek into and take images of the insides of the body of a patient in order that diagnose for injuries or diseases can be made. Radiographer is also part of treatment plan for patients with cancer. Radiographers tend to rely on medical equipment that is oftentimes expensive and high-tech in nature. They tend to those who are in pain or unwell and at the same time are unsure of what is about to happen next in their treatment plans. Healthcare services that are sensitive and patient-focused are delivered by these professionals, which also include medical imaging and radiotherapy.

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Radiography Career learnership is divided into two major groups: diagnostic radiographers and therapeutic radiographers. Diagnostic radiographers typically work in aspects that involve mammography, angiography, nuclear medicine, MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), CT (Computerized Tomography), fluoroscopy, ultrasound, and x-ray. Therapeutic radiographers deal more with designing radiotherapy treatments plan and delivery. With therapeutic radiography, accuracy is of the essence. A therapeutic radiographer should be able to target a specific tumor without damaging surrounding healthy tissue too much. Once an individual completes their qualification, they can embark on a career path that is made up of both the needs of patients and healthcare services and their own personal interests. In the field of radiography, one can be certain that one’s career will move upward as opportunities for promotion excellently abound. A grading structure makes sure that a radiographer receives increased salary based on the stages of their career. An advanced radiographer, consequently, receives a lot more responsibilities. They would be working to: 1) make expert clinical practice easily accessible, 2) provide patients with professional consultancy and become an exceptional example in leadership, 3) take part in development of practice and service, education, and training and development, as well as 4) conduct research and evaluation.

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Radiography Career learnership require anyone interested in such a field to have a specific degree, proven by an official certificate. If one does not have a degree, some employers accept a certificate from a one-year program or a high school diploma. The individual in question showing interest in this career path must be one with strong background of both math and science. However, it must be kept in mind that one with an undergraduate degree is much more preferred. Formal training programs are available at hospitals, vocational institutes, community colleges, and universities. These formal training programs would be potential in offering participants with a bachelor’s degree r associate’s degree as well as certificate. A professional medical radiographer is certified by either the ARRT (American Registry of Radiologic Technologists) or by the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography. Specific for nuclear medicine technologists, certification is conducted by the ARRT or by the Certification Board of Nuclear Medicine Technology. Different states my employ different certification requirements so you better check out with authorized bodies in yours.

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