Recently Opened Shoprite Bursary Programme 2018-2019

A bursary bursary opportunity is not merely assisting aspiring students to effortlessly get access for financial aid, thence they have no worry about how to finance the chosen major at the preference higher institution, but at the same time it caters chance for qualified students to grow and expand their knowledge for better employment opportunity. Shoprite bursary programme that is currently opened has mission to help qualified students both in financial and skill development, in addition with the work-back contract, successful bursars will rest assured as they get the opportunity to enter the industry less hassle.

Shoprite bursary programme provides R70 000 per year to cover tuition, registration fees, accommodation, and textbook. However, the chance to experience the bursary opportunity will be given only to those who pursue, first, hospitality management/retail business. If you are 1st to 3rd year students, or BTech students, you can apply for the bursary. Second, marketing, that is accessible for either honours students or 1st to 3rd year students. Third, BPharm where you must be 1st to 4th year students to be able to join the bursary. Fourth, it is supply chain/logistic bursary that requires you to be honours students or 1st to 3rd year students, so then you can apply for the bursary.

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Fifth, there is information technology bursary that allows only honours students and 1st to 3rd year students to apply for the bursary. And Sixth accounting/CA stream, make sure that you are honours students or 1st to 3rd year students. Nevertheless, further information toward Shoprite bursary programme, it is accessible through their official website. And in case that you are seriously expect to win the bursary opportunity that is offered take your chance, as good opportunity barely comes twice, or else you need to wait another year to participate to the bursary, if it is still opened.

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