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SANDF stands for South African National Defense Force. They are the main guard in South Africa. As one of the biggest government organization in South Africa, SANDF offers you the SANDF bursary that might attract your interest. The bursary programs that SANDF offers is not something limited for some certain education level because the bursary program can be used for primary education, the secondary education, and even the tertiary education programs. Because of that reason, this bursary program from SANDF will be considered as something totally helpful. However, there is one thing that you need to know. The bursary program from SANDF is not something public. The bursary program is not for everyone to apply. There are some specific requirements that you need to have before you can apply for the bursary program from SANDF. If you are interested, here are some of those specific requirements that you have to fulfill.

  • The first one is that you need to be one of the dependants from the veterans of SANDF. As an addition to that, the veteran that is your dependants should be one of those who are severely injured or passed away during the active duty as one member of SANDF. That means if you are only a dependant of a retired veteran of SANDF, you will not be able to apply for the bursary program.
  • If you are not any dependant from the passed away veterans of SANDF, you can still apply for the bursary program as long as you are a dependant of the civilian member of SANDF. Most of the time, it is something closely related with the department of defense because that department is closely related with the civilian. However, you will also need to know the fact that you are a dependant from the passed away one.
  • The third one is that your income will be fully considered by the education trust if you are going to apply for the SANDF bursary. That is because they want to be sure that the bursary program is reaching the real goal that they want to reach. It is not something that can be used freely.
  • The fourth one is that you need to have a good academic records. This one is a proof that you are dedicated enough in the study that you are studying at the time. With the good academic record, your chance of getting the bursary program from SANDF will surely be increased.
  • The last but not least, if you are a senior student, you will need to pass the minimum of 60% from the modules of your current education level. For your consideration, 60% is the minimum scoring that you need to achieve. That means you need to aim for the higher number. That is because there are chances that your competitors might get the higher completion than you might so that you will not get the chance to join the bursary program from SANDF.

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Those are some of the specific requirements that you have to fulfill if you are thinking about joining the bursary program from SANDF. For your information, besides those specific requirements, there are also some other standard requirements that you need to fulfill such as completing the documents, proposal, and some other things. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have prepared all of those things before you send your application letter for the bursary program that you want to apply from SANDF. The last but not least, make sure you apply for the program before the closing date or you will need to wait another year.