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With the rapid development of technology, almost all of people in the world are exposed to television. Thus many broadcasting stations are emerging to deliver information and entertainments to the public. If you are interested in joining a broadcasting station to start your career, then choosing SABC career learnership will be a good start. SABC, an abbreviation of South African Broadcasting Corporation is the South African’s national broadcaster that provides five television broadcasts and nineteen radio stations to general public in South Africa. In Afrikaans, the broadcasting station was also officially known as SAUK or Suid-Afrikaanse Uitsaaikorporasie. However, the term is currently used only by SABC to refer the company in spoken words on Radio Sonder Grense, a radio station of Afrikaans, and Afrikaans News on SABC2. Despite so, most of SABC2’s Afrikaans newscast use the term SABC Nuus as opposed to SAUK Nuus. Other media with Afrikaans language still uses the term SAUK.

SABC was first established in August 1st, 1936 by South Africa’s Government for the radio station, while the television broadcast did not start until 1976. SABC started to create two television channels that are able to be accessed by other parts of Africa in 1998 through DStv. Those channels are Africa 2 Africa for entertainment purpose and SABC Africa for news purpose. The channels were merged in 2003 to provide a combined service. The merged channel, however, was closed in 2008, August to be exact, due to contract expiration with DStv. SABC released 24-hours worldwide news channel called SABC News International. However, the channel ended in 2010.

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SABC has a vision to encourage transformation through compelling, relevant, enriching, and credible contents that are accessible to general public. The mission of this broadcasting channel is to entertain, educate, and inform all audiences that access SABC services. The value of this broadcasting company is common future creation, partnerships and conversations, and human dignity’s restoration.

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The major objectives of SABC is to provide information and broadcasting services, and other supplementary services, not only to everyone in Republic of South Africa, but also beyond the country, and to accomplish the objectives of the broadcasting station as determined according to 1999 Broadcasting Act Four and 993 Independent Broadcasting Authority Act 153. Some of the objectives are listed below:

  • To create services that is available to general public in South Africa.
  • To provide television and radio broadcasting services, regardless of digital or analogue nature, and also to provide television and radio program of entertainment, information and education funded by license fees, advertisements, sponsorship, subscriptions, or other type of financial supports.
  • To obtain licenses or a license periodically for such subject and period to such license conditions, regulations and provisions as listed by Authority.
  • To provide television and radio programming that entertains, informs, and educates in the company’s public broadcasting channels.
  • To be reactive to the needs and demands of audiences, including blind and deaf audiences
  • To provide supplementary services, regardless its relation with program or broadcasting supply services.
  • To provide radio and television program and other materials to be distributed or transmitted by common carrier without any charge
  • To provide other parties materials, services, and programs to be distributed or transmitted by those parties, and to accept materials, services, and programs from those parties to be broadcasted by the stations, by such methods and means.
  • To maintain and establish archives and libraries containing materials related to the company’s objects and make it available to general public, without or with fees.
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The paragraphs above have explained about some information regarding SABC overviews that can be important to those who want to join the company. For further information about SABC careers according to your needs.


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