SACEMA External Bursaries

The SACEMA external bursaries are given to qualified students who intend to expand their education either to PhD or MSc degree within South Africa. Not to mention, to be qualified for the external bursaries, applicants should pursue field of study specialized in biostatistics and epidemiological modeling. In addition, those who have interdisciplinary experience, you are allowed to apply the bursary opportunity. Your chance is widen if you hold prior experience toward core research sector of SACEMA. Ensure that you provide quantitative method background as this is part of the requirement of the external bursaries.

SACEMA external bursaries

In fact, aside from SACEMA external bursaries 2017, 2018 & 2019, SACEMA also offers internal bursaries for talented youth of South African, however, you can apply for the bursary if you agree to be supervised directly by SACEMA and stay in Stellenbosch. Back to the external bursaries, though the application are opened for those who meet the requirements, nevertheless, the preference will go to applicants who demonstrate huge interest toward, first, HIV surveillance that covers methods of incidence estimation and the application. Second, disease process (individual level) focused on cancer development and TB reaction mechanism.

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Third, vector borne disease and zoonotic that focused on the reaction of tse-tse trypanosomiasis toward climate change. Fourth, antiretroviral treatment outcomes, for instance, immunology and treatment resistance, and other recent projects undergo by SACEMA. Consider yourself qualified for SACEMA external bursaries, ensure you apply for the bursary online before October 17th 2016. Or you have to register first at the SACEMA website in the case you have no account. Fill your information properly as it will affect your application. Further information about the bursary, you can source them through the official website. Usually the violation of the closing date will bring no good to your application, because it means your application is unsuccessful, therefore submit your application properly.

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