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Medical field can be considered as one important field that can help many people in this world. Unfortunately, this kind of field is not one field where you can find a lot of talents that can help the world to be a better place. Because of that reason, SAMA bursary come to discover all of those talents and potentials on this kind of field. SAMA was found in 1998 as one organization in the medical and health field. This organization consists of the professionals on the medical field. Even though they are doing a good deed, that does not mean they are one profit-organization because all of the members are volunteered to join this organization. Because of that reason, to be sure that they can spread their wings even vaster on the South African region, they are giving the bursaries for those who might need some help with the finance. As an addition to that, they are seeking for the best talents and candidates to help them on the medical field in the future. If you are interested, you need to know that this year there are two major fields that you can apply if you are interested on the bursary programs from SAMA. The first one is the Bachelor of Medicine and the second one is the Bachelor of Surgery. If you are interested in joining one of those two field mentioned above, there are some requirements that you need to fulfill before you can get the chance of attending the bursary program from SAMA.

  • The first one is that you must be in need of the financial assistance. This is the number one priority that they are going to do because their main goal is to make sure that all of those people who have talents are discovered despite of the background and the lack of funding that they have to join the bursary program. Because of that reason, if you are well financed, you might not be able to join the bursary program from SAMA. However, you can still apply for the bachelor program from SAMA.
  • The second requirement of the SAMA bursary is that you need to have nice academic scoring. The meaning of nice is that you need to have the exceptional scoring for your academic records. The minimum one is above the standardize that are given by the country. However, having the cum-laude status will surely be a great boost for your chance of joining the bursary program from SAMA.
  • The third one is that you need to have the good English skills. English is becoming one of the international language that you need to master and on this case, you need to have the good English skills for reading, writing, and speaking. That means your English skills will be fully tested to get the chance for joining the bursary from SAMA.
  • The fourth one is that you need the Letter of Acceptance from any of the Medical Education Program that is located in South Africa. That is because the letter of acceptance will be used as the authentic proof that you are able to join the bursary program from SAMA. Or else, you will not be able to have the chance of joining the bursary program from SAMA.

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For your information, the bursary program is something that comes up every year and most of the time; the closing date will be around the first week of September. Therefore, if you really want to get this chance, make sure you apply for the bursary program before the closing date or you will have to wait another year.

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