Samancor Bursary Scholarship Program

A bursary scholarship is an opportunity for talented students with huge potential to continue their education with less hassle as their financial need is covered. Looking for a bursary scholarship opportunity, Samancor bursary scholarship is what you need as your bridge to build a bright future. So, who can apply for the aforesaid bursary scholarship? First, you should hold grade 12 qualification. Second, you are first to third year student that will commence or in the midst of completing your study from South African University. Further information, you will find them below.

Samancor bursary scholarship

Prior to apply Samancor bursary scholarship 2017, 2018 & 2019, ensure that you know that the chance to win the bursary scholarship is given to students who are registered in these following disciplines, finance, mining engineering, metallurgy, mechanical engineering, and the last one is electrical engineering. Now, applying for the bursary scholarship opportunity, you can email your application to, or you can fax the application of yours for the bursary scholarship to, 086 267 3437. The application should be sent before September 9th or your application is considered as unsuccessful for the reason that late application is not considered.

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If you have any questions on mind related to Samancor bursary scholarship like the requirements, supported documents, or the recruitment process, you can send them to the previously mentioned email address, and obviously, it is highly recommended that you submit your inquiries prior, then you can prepare anything necessary to secure your position for the bursary scholarship. Correspondence is only for shortlisted applicants, which means if you get nothing from the official of the bursary scholarship until October 30th, it indicates that you have no chance for the bursary scholarship as your application is not successful. Prepare yourself now, and make sure that you have the ideas about anything that is essential to apply the bursary scholarship.

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