SANRAL Bursary National Road Engineering 2021

In this rapidly changing world, it is important for us to have a stable job to ensure the quality of life of ourselves and our family in the future. However, due to the rigorous competition, looking for a job is not as easy as it may sounds. There are a lot of vacancies available, with way much more applicants looking for a job suitable with their passion and competencies. This article will elaborate briefly about one of the promising career, SANRAL bursary program, for those who are currently living in South Africa to give some portrayal about the working within the company. SANRAL, or South African National Roads Agency, is an individual statutory group registered within the Companies Act’s terms. This company is exclusively owned by the Minister of Transport as the representative of the Government of South Africa. The Ministry is the only shareholder of this company.

This company operates within the terms of their founding legislation, the 1998 National Roads and South African National Roads Agency Limited Act number 7. SANRAL is governed under a Board consist of 8 personnel. Six of these personnel are selected by the Minister of Transport, one is the Minister of Finance’s representative, and the last is the Chief Executive Officer that is selected by the Board. This group possess a clear mandate: to maintain, manage, improve, and finance the network of national road that is considered as the South Africa’s “economic arteries”. SANRAL bursary technically consolidated and introduced the Public Private Partnerships concept, which culminated within the globally praised Maputo Development Corridor.

This company has a commitment to fulfill their mandate by preserving and protecting the environment via solutions that are context sensitive. SANRAL bursary will also continuously support the human capital development within South Africa through cooperative governance and tertiary institutions. This company has two main income sources. Toll roads are financed from using money and capital market while the non-toll roads are financed from the allocations created by the treasury of the country. This company participates actively in various communities throughout South Africa. The headquarters of this company is located in Val-de-Grace within Pretoria area and four branches throughout South Africa. These branches are situated in Bellville, larger Cape Town; Port Elizabeth; Pietermaritzburg and Menlyn, Pretoria.

The vision of SANRAL bursary is to become the worldwide leader within the establishment of an excellent network of national road. This company has a commitment to the production of South Africa’s economic value as the upholder of the network of national road by providing the road infrastructure with the principle of ‘user-pays’, skilled service providers, leading technology, considerations to the needs of community, and a professional and motivated team. The core values held by this company are care, integrity, participation, pro-activeness, and excellence.

SANRAL Bursary Engineering Opportunity

SANRAL aims to support deserving and qualifying students in the fields of transportation infrastructure, specifically civil engineering and its related professions in the built environment, smart technologies, public sector infrastructure development & administration and other professions related to the core business of SANRAL. Bursaries are for undergraduate and postgraduate studies. The bursary is awarded to students who obtained an average of 70% in their last exams. Awards will be made in line with SANRAL’s EE Transformation Policy objectives. Applicant’s financial situation will be taken into consideration. Applicants with other bursaries will be disqualified. Students with disabilities are invited to apply. Bursary recipients will have the opportunity to apply for on-the-job training. You can get more information this bursary in here: HOW TO APPLY SANRAL BURSARY.

CLOSING DATE: 30 September 2020

SANRAL has a strong commitment to react to the challenges and opportunities of becoming an exemplary, effective, and efficient government company that act with integrity and responsibility. This company strives to achieve professional excellence in every activities under the range of their mandate. The main organizational objective is to accomplish a varied workforce widely representative the population of South Africa.

This company also wish to provide a comprehensive environment to their employees, which encourage the development of the staff through self-directed learning, training, and mentorship programs. Skills development is considered essential to the transformation of racial nature within the country’s economy and promotion of historically disadvantaged employees. The previous paragraphs have explained briefly about the overview of SANRAL for those who are interested in joining the company.