SANRAL Bursary National Road Engineering 2022

Nowadays, education is one of the most important things for people. Why? By having a higher degree of education and more knowledge, people have some better chances to change their life. They can have good access to reach higher career. In addition, education also can help the nation to develop the country since the young generation has some new ideas and know-how to do those ideas. However, in some developed countries, the price of getting education especially in higher education is expensive. For example the tuition fee of the Universities in South Africa. Based on the data, the range of the tuition fee in the undergraduate program is about R64.200 for the first year student. This tuition fee may increase in some next years. For some people, the value of tuition fees is cheaper than in other developed countries. However, for the students who come from poor families, it will be hard for them to pay the tuition fee. That’s why a lot of high school students decide not to go the university since they can’t pay the tuition fee. In order to solve this problem, there are some organization and company who decide to give the Sanral Bursary for the talented and prominent students but cannot afford to pay the tuition fee. By using the Bursary, the students no need to worry about the tuition fee and others since they will get the funding to fulfill their needs.

The Bursary of South African National Roads Agency Limited. One of the best Bursaries that can be chosen by the students is SANRAL Bursary Opportunity.  Just like its name, this Bursary is provided by South African National Roads Agency Limited (SANRAL) Company. Well, this company has some responsibilities regarding the needs of the road infrastructure in South Africa. This company also needs to maintain the condition of the roads. They also need to monitor the condition of the environment closes to the road. In order to contribute to the development of the country not only in the road infrastructure but also the education, SANRAL Company offers the Bursary for the eligible students to pursue a higher degree in the university. So, what are the services of this Bursary? Well, there are some payments that will be covered by this Bursary. The amount of the Bursary may be different since it will depend on the student’s condition and the regulation of the university.


The Service of The Bursary. One of the most beneficial services of this Bursary is the service of the full tuition fee. Well, this service is so important for the students since it cost a lot of money. The Bursary will pay the tuition fee for the students during their study in the undergraduate programs. It will last for about 4 years according to the normal duration of the study. The students who study technology, science, and medicine may need higher tuition fees than the social, art, and economic students. On the other hand, the Bursary offers boarding expenses for the students who may need to stay in the university dorm. Well, some students may don’t receive this service since they can live in a house close to the university. The students will also get some types of uniforms provided by the university such as sports uniforms, winter uniforms, and summer uniforms. The Bursary will pay for all of those uniforms. In order to be eligible as the recipient of the SANRAL Bursary, the students must possess some requirements and eligibility according to the terms and conditions of the Bursary.

The requirement is based on the academic performance and the financial condition of each student. Moreover, the Bursary prefers to give more chances to the students who live in the rural areas since their economy is worse than others. One of the requirements for applying for this Bursary is having a 70 – 75% grade in math and physical science. It will be better if the students have a higher grade. In addition, the students should be able to communicate in English by having at least a 65% grade in English. The total grade should be higher than 75%. Well, this Bursary is dedicated only to the students of South Africa. Therefore, the students may need to show proof of being a citizen of South Africa.

The Requirement and Condition of Bursary. To be selected as the potential candidate for the Bursary, the students need to apply and submit some application documents. The first one is the letter of motivation. This letter states the motivation and the reason why the students need to get the Bursary. The format of the letter of motivation is one page of the student’s parents, two pages of the students, and one page of the student’s school. Another document is the certified copy of the study result in June. The study result should match the minimum required grade. The students also need to submit the ID documents of their parent that clearly states if they are the citizen of South Africa. The electricity bill and water bill of the student’s house are also needed to prove the residency of the students.


Since the Bursary prefers the students that need financial support, the students have to submit the receipt of their parent’s income. It will be used as the financial checking by the committee to decide the eligible students for the Bursary. All those required documents should be sent to Ms. Heide Harper as the Corporate Services Executive of the South African National Roads Agency SOC LTD Bursary in Private Bag Z17, Lynnwood Ridge, 0040. Before sending the required documents, the students need to check that all information is correct so that they will have a better chance to be selected as the eligible recipient of the Bursary. You can see information in here: BURSARY INFORMATION.

Well, SANRAL Bursary offers this Bursary to some universities in South Africa. Generally, the universities can be divided into three types that are traditional universities, comprehensive universities, and universities of technologies. Examples of traditional universities are the University of Cape Town, University of Fort Hare, Rhodes University, and others. Meanwhile, examples of comprehensive universities are the University of Johannesburg, the University of Venda, and others. Examples of technology universities are Cape Peninsula University of Technology and Tshwane University of Technology.