SANSA Bursary Opportunity

Recent SANSA (the South African National Space Agency) bursary programme is opened to accommodate potential qualified students who put their interest is space area to sharpen their potential by financing their education. Nevertheless, the opportunity for the bursary is given to students whose major relevant to; software system engineering, software, physic of space weather, remote sensing, data scientist, and many other field of studies that are relevant with SANSA’s mission. Student who are self driven, passionate, achievement driven, and who love challenge with one of the previously mentioned qualifications that have interest toward the bursary opportunity, you are encouraged to apply, if you can pass the requirements of the bursary below.

PROGRAM:  SA National Defense Force SANDF Bursaries

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The requirements to meet for bursary programme from SANSA are; (1) South African citizen, however, the preference will be given to student with destitute family background, (2) hold average 65% that you get from previous education, (3) aim to learn DTech/PhD, Honours, Masters/MTech, (4) can afford the minimum requirements for admission to SA university that is requested by the bursary level that you apply, and (5) classify research area (general) that they prefer. The value of the bursary is based on your level of education; doctoral students will gain R120,000, Masters students for R98,000,and Honours students will get R50,000.

PROGRAM:  NW Government Bursary Scholarship 2018 - 2019

Apply Online

Apply Via SANSA

Ensure that you include additional documents such as; certified copies of your result or progress result on June 2016, result for your previous degree, research proposal for PhD applicants and MSc applicants, and identity document of SA, and testimonial which template you can download from bursary menu. The application of SANSA bursary programme is closed on September 30th 2016, and ensure that before you apply online for the bursary, you already registered there to access the application form. Further information for bursary opportunity at SANSA, you are allowed to send inquiries to,

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