SAPPI Bursary Scholarship Acredited University 2021

At the beginning, SAPPI is a company in South Africa that runs on the paper industry and stuff. However, after passing so many years since 1936, this company is growing bigger and larger so that this company started to reach some other fields other than the paper production itself. Because of that reason, as one of the biggest companies in South Africa, this company is offering the SAPPI bursary opportunity to find the best candidates and talents that can be used for the future of this company. There are a lot of good reasons why many people are looking into joining this company, but among all of those reasons, the better future is the most common one. If you are thinking about joining the bursary, you need to know these requirements first.

The first one is you need on the age range of the recipient of the SAPPI bursary program. On this case, the age range starts from 18 years old minimum to 25 years old maximum. If you are on that age range, you are good to apply for the bursary program. The second one is the minimum grade of your current education level. For this one, you need to be on your 12th grade, at least, to apply for the bursary program. That is because this education level is the most prospective target of this bursary program from SAPPI.

The third one is that you need to provide them with the clear result of your good academic record. This one is quite important because they are looking to help all of those who have potentials. If you do not have a good academic record over your name, you can be sure that your application will be rejected because of this one reason. The fourth one is the good English skills. As one of the biggest companies in South Africa, SAPPI bursary connects with a lot of other companies all over the world and English proficiency is something that you need to master if you want to join the SAPPI bursary. For your information, the English proficiency that you need to have includes speaking, writing, and reading.

The next one is that you need to have the minimum scoring for some subjects. The subjects on the concern of SAPPI are math, English, and physical science. For all of those subjects, you need to have the minimum of 70% of accomplishment to be able to apply for this bursary program from SAPPI. The last one is that you need to be a real native of South African. This one can be proven by the authentic ID of your own saying that you really are born in South Africa and currently living in South Africa.

SAPPI Bursary Scema Opportunity

At Sappi, we want to encourage the brightest young talent to join our ever evolving industry. That’s why we’ve created a bursary scheme in partnership with accredited universities, so innovative young South Africans are supported throughout their studies in line with real world business needs. You can apply in here: APPLY SAPPI Bursary.

CLOSING DATE: 30 September 2020

Those are some of the requirements that you need to fulfill if you are interested in joining the bursary program from SAPPI bursary requirement. For your consideration, those requirements are considered as the main requirements that you need to fulfill. That means if you can achieve the better requirements that those things mentioned above, you can be sure to increase the chance of getting accepted as one of the recipients of the bursary program from SAPPI.

Therefore, you might want to try achieving something better than those things mentioned above. For your final consideration, you need to know that there is a deadline for the application of the bursary program. Most of the time, the online application is started around August and the online application site will be closed around September. Make sure you do not miss the date or you will need to wait one more year to apply for the bursary program from SAPPI bursary closing date.