Sappi Careers and Learnerships, Renewable Resources 2018-2019

What kind of job that you want to apply for? Do you want to work? We do believe that everyone will completely say that they want to work. When we work, we can earn money to support our living. That’s why in this case, we will really know that everyone wants to work so that they will earn money in their life. What kind of job that you want to apply for? I believe that everyone wants to work based on their own passion. For example you love to work with the nature, you can try to join in Sappi career learnership. Have you ever heard about this program before? This is such a good chance that you can choose for having the good timing for developing yourself working in the forestry. Do you want to know more about this program? Let’s find it out!

Do you know about Sappi career learnership before? For your information, Sappi is one of the biggest company in South Africa. Sappi is a company that becomes the key player in the pulp and paper industry. Then, if you want to work here, you need to join in the Sappi career learnership. This learnership will be appropriate for those who have the willingness to work in the fields available like in forestry, procurement, finance, and analytics, chemical and so on. If you join in this company, you will have such a good career path since the company has the good reputation around the globe. Their clients are more than in 160 countries and they have more than 12800 employees. You can imagine how big the company is.

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Then, are you interested to join the Sappi career learnership before? If you are interested to join the program, here is the good news for you. Sappi offers you for the learnership program that you can take. There are several fields that you can take too based on your interest. If you are interested, you simply can join and apply for the learnerships program. Sappi opens for some fields like instrumentation, electrician, repairmen, process trainee, boiler making, millwright, fitter and tuner, marketing, logistic, analytical chemist, sales, finance, human recourses, forestry, and also procurement. The program of the learnership is for about 12 months for the duration.

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After seeing the fields offered by Sappi career learnership, are you interested to join? Then, if you are interested, you need to check out what kind of the requirements. Well, here are some of the requirements that you should know:

  • Being the citizen of South Africa is a must.
  • The age of the applicant should be for about 18 to 25.
  • Having a Grade 12 certificate is a must too.
  • All of the applicants should have passed the matric with the standard 70% for Mathematics and Physical science and also 65% for English.
  • All applicants should be fluent in English.
  • Having a legal ID book/card/document is a must.
  • All applicants also should have the diploma or degree suitable with the position that they are applied for.
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Overall, those are the requirements that everyone should have if they want to join in Sappi career learnership. Of course, you need to open the site of Sappi Learnership when you want to register yourself in this learnership program. Please keep in mind that you should complete all of the documents needed too if you want to join in this program. You need to prepare all of the things needed if you want to have the good starting poin in joining this program. Good luck for you and to prepare your own future. Do your best!


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