SAPREF Bursaries, Oil Company in South Africa

If you are living in South Africa, you surely have heard about the name of Sapref as the joined companies of the biggest crude oil refining companies that you can find in South Africa. That is one main reason why many people are looking for the chance to join this company through the Sapref bursary. Yes, this company offers you the bursary program for those who have talents to help them develop the company. That is because the bursary program from this company can be considered as one of the best ways to enter this company in the future, by showing that they are worth through the bursary program of Sapref. If you are also thinking about this one way to be able to join Sapref in the future, you need to know that there are some basic requirements that you need to fulfill before you can actually join the bursary program from Sapref. Here are some of those requirements.

  • The first one is that you need to be a real native of South African. That is because this company is attracting a lot of attention from many other neighboring countries. However, Sapref focuses on gaining the number of talents that come natively from South Africa. This one needs to be proven with the authentic ID of South African citizenship.
  • The second is that you need to have a good scoring in Metric. This is not something easy for many people to achieve, but you need to be sure that the Metric is something that this company put into consideration in taking the people to be the recipient of their bursary program.
  • The third one is that you need to enroll on some of the specific study programs that will be used as the main points where the bursary programs will be given. This is something that changes every single year. For the bursary program in 2018 from Sapref, there are three different fields that will have the chance. The first one is the chemical engineering, the second is electrical engineering, and the third one is mechanical engineering. If you are not enrolling in one of those programs above, you can be sure that you will not have the chance to get the Sapref bursary.
  • The last one is that you need to do the full-time study based on your prior selection of degree. This might be something a bit difficult since most of the students are taking part time job and such things. However, if you focus on your study, you might be able to get this chance because Sapref is looking for the talented individuals that can focus on the things that they are doing. Full time studying is considered as one thing that Sapref sees as a commitment from their prospective recipients.

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Those are some of the basic requirements that you need to have. If you have fulfilled all of those requirements, you can easily send your application letter to this company that is located in Isipingo Beach. As an addition to that, you need to also have the full application letter with the documents that might be needed in term of evaluating your own skills and knowledge. That is because if you are able to show more about yourself from all of the documents that you attach to the application letter, you will have a better chance to be accepted on the bursary program from Sapref. For your final information, make sure you send your application letter before the end of August. That is because the deadline of this bursary is end of August this year.