SAPREF Careers Learnerships, Crude Oil Refinery Opportunity

SAPREF career learnership is one of the learnerships in South Africa that can guide you to change your future. The learnership is integrated with SAPREF which is a combined partnership between Shell SA Refining and BP Southern Africa. SAPREF has experienced in crude oil refinery and has been nominated as the largest oil industry in South Africa. The company continues to contribute in the national economy and has a good strategy to be the leader in the competitive oil manufacture. The company has been built in 1960 and gradually improved its expansion until present. By representing a motto “One Team, One Purpose”, the company wants to build a union between employees and actualize the ideal presentation of a leading company. The chance to be the part of this prominent company will be offered to you through SAPREF career learnership which courses for the young people in South Africa based on the perspective of SAPREF. The learnership invites the young people in South Africa, especially Durban. They can gather knowledge in the production and engineering oil products by joining the learnership. To join the learnership, it is the best if the applicants know about the requirements. The foremost requirement is the applicant has to be a South African citizen. Then, the applicants need to have math and science matric certificate in engineering or it is passable for the applicants who have S4 in electrical, mechanical, and chemical engineering. Another requirement is you need to have good working ethics and willingness to learn during the learnership. Those requirements are ones to be expected from the selected candidates.

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After you entered SAPREF career learnership, you will be facilitated by some training and drills to improve yourself. Aided by many tutors who are professional in its specialization, the selected candidate can enjoy the program in the right hands. They will be filled by many experience in redefining crude oil industry and taught about many things that increase their abilities in engineering process of crude oil. The selected applicants also enable to ask about some important matters related with the development of oil industry and to discuss about how the company executes their strategies in keeping the prominence of SAPREF, especially in South Africa. By the time you finish the learnership, you will also be granted with the chance to have a bright future in oil industry of South Africa. You have learned many skills and lessons which help you to keep up with the latest improvement in the oil production. You also have improved to be an individual who uphold the consistency in creating magnificent result for the company. All the benefit is provided by SAPREF career learnership.

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It is the time for you to decide your future. SAPREF career learnership has promised you many advantages to challenge yourself in the competition of oil industry. Every year, the learnership never stops to search the candidate and in this year, you need to ensure them that you are the right person for the learnership. The most important thing is you can convince yourself that you hold every requirement that they need and you are capable to join learnership.

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At last, check all the detailed information about SAPREF career learnership. From the application letter to the courses that has been offered by the learnership because in each year, it is possible if the learnership announces the different applicable positions. Pick one of the positions that you want to join and register your application online. Remember to recheck your application before you send it to the learnership, make yourself presentable in the cover letter, and do not forget to complete all required certificate.


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