SAQA Careers Learnerships Opportunity 2018-2019

Getting a job is the dream of everyone. Do you want to get a job right? I believe that everyone will completely say that they want to have the job so that they will be able to earn money in their living. By having a job, we will be able to make our life become meaningful. Then, the next question is what kind of job that you want to apply for? The answer will be different from one person to another person. It will be depended on the needs and the passion of everyone too. If you are still feel so confused with your own passion, you do not need to be worried in choosing a job. You can join SAQA career learnership. Do you know about this learnership before? This is such a good learnership that you can try to join in. By joining in this program, you will get many benefits including for your career path.

SAQA career learnership stands for South African National Qualifications Authoruity. They gives you the chance for the learners to apply for the range of many different fields. So, when you are feeling so confused in choosing the right job and fields, you can join in this program so that you will have the chance to really know what kind of passion that you have. SAQA career learnership offers you with many range of fields starting from plumbers, security officers, child care workers to the mining and also construction industries. Each of the field will offer you with the stipulation so that every applicant will meet the criteria to apply. The time period for the learnerships will vary from one to another field.

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Furthermore, SAQA here has the duty for monitoring, educating, and also ensure that the South African Qualifications would be legal and meet the standard criteria. This agency has already approve by the Minister of Higher Education so that we can trust for the reputability. They also have 3 major divisions such as Education and Training, Higher Education, Trades and the last is Occupations. If you want to apply for the SAQA career learnership, here are some of the fields offered such as mining, construction, general forestry, electricity engineering, plumbing, disaster management, child and youth care worker, social auxiliary worker, security officer, mechanical engineering, fire and rescue, timber harvesting, furniture making, wealth management and so on.

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Then, how about the registration process? It is not difficult for you to join in SAQA career learnership. Here are some of the requirements that you need to know before you enroll yourself in this learnerships program.

  • Being the South African citizen is an obligatory.
  • All candidates should have the legal matric or the grade 12 certificate.
  • Having legal ID document for each of the applicant.
  • Have no criminal records.
  • Have not been employed in any other learnership.
  • The applicants should hold the diploma or degree in the field that they are appliying for.
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Those are the basic requirements that you should have if you want to apply this learnership program. For the further steps, of course you need to register yourself through online registration. You need to register yourself in SAQA Learnership website. Try to prepare all of the documents required if you want to apply in this program. You do not need to be worried for the process that you should face. Just believe that you can pass all of the process and you will have the better result and you can pass all of the process in the SAQA career learnership recruitment. Simply click the site to get the further information about the recruitments.

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