SASA Sugarcane Bursary Programme 2018 – 2019

Various bursary opportunities are given to suitable candidates for post doctoral researcher and post graduates students programme, thus they can continue their education within field of studies that become part of the bursary programme. It is SASA Sugarcane bursary programme, a bursary opportunity designed by SASRI (South African Sugarcane Research Institute) which mission to provide innovative experts in agro-technical. The bursary programme will be hosted at top notch Universities in South Africa, such as, Stellenbosch University, University of Free State, University of Pretoria, and University of KZN. All of successful bursars will be located at SASRI, Mount Edgecombe.

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SASA Bursary

Not stopping there, successful bursars of SASA Sugarcane bursary programme 2018, 2019 & 2020, they will obtain benefits from free lodging and board (at SASRI), and also free tuition fees. In total there about five different bursary opportunities available, Post graduates for Plant Sciences, MSC Crop Production, MSC  Plant Sciences, MSC Entomology, and MSC Agric Engineering bursaries. To grow plants with high quality standard, it’s not that simple. It takes complex procedures and technology to analyze the fields for yields variances, photosynthetic analysis, leaf damage, and many others. That is the reason why experts in agro-technical play major part for the sugar industry. You can find Bursary in here

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SASA Sugarcane bursary programme, however, sets these requirements for interested potential bursars, (1) BSc Hons specialized in Agronomy/Crop Production, (2) PhD or BSc Honours specialized in Plant Biotechnology, Genetics, Biochemistry or Plant Sciences, (3) BSc Hons majoring in Entomology, and the last one is (4) MSc in Engineering for Agricultural. Considering to apply the bursary program from SASRI, the application is opened online for interested and potential bursars who meet the requirements of bursary program. Apply online for the bursary, be sure to do it before the closing date of the bursary programme on October 17th, or else your application to join the bursary programme will not be approved.

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