SASRIA Bursary Scholarship: Undergraduate University

Having a chance to study at a university is a blessing for the people. Why? By studying in the university, people can get an opportunity to create a better future. They can learn a lot of skills and abilities that can be used in the working environment. This condition makes a lot of people are doing their best to be accepted as a student in the university. This case has also happened in some developed countries such as South Africa. This country needs a lot of skillful people so that it can enhance its productivity and human resources. However, South Africa has a common problem related to education at a higher level. Since many people in South Africa live in the poverty, they cannot afford to pay the university cost for their children. This condition makes many high school students think that working is a better choice than going to a university. If this condition is kept for such a long time, South Africa will lose its opportunity to create the changes of its country to be a better country. Well, this condition makes SASRIA Bursary company in South Africa offer a chance for the people to study in the university. How is it? Some companies give the bursary program that can be taken by the South African citizen. By using the bursary, South African citizens can study in the university for free.

Taking A Chance of Studying in University with Bursary. As mentioned previously, in order to help people in South Africa to study in the university, some companies create several bursary programs. One of those companies is SASRIA SOC Ltd. This company has been developed since 1979. SASRIA provides services of short-term insurance. It can cover various risks such as individual risks, business risks and assets, government entities, and others.  This company has contributed to the development of South Africa since the beginning.


In order to enhance the quality of education in South Africa, this company offers a bursary program called SASRIA Bursary. Well, this bursary program supports the citizen of South Africa who wants to study in the university. It provides several study programs that can be taken by the people. The study programs are accounting, economics, finance, business economic, insurance, business science, investments, information technology, and mathematics. The people of South Africa can choose the best study program for them.

The Requirement To Be An Eligible Applicants. In order to be an eligible applicant, several requirements should be fulfilled by the applicants. The first one is being a South African citizen. Why? The SASRIA Bursary is only available for South African citizens. Therefore, the applicant must show proof of being a citizen of South Africa. The second one is completing the Matric OR. Only the applicants that have finished the matric can be eligible to receive the bursary. The score of the matric should be at least in the B symbol. However, the committee of the bursary still considers the applicants who are currently trying to complete the Matric.

Well, the applicants also need to show the willingness to study as full-time undergraduate students. It will be better for the applicants who are already enrolled as undergraduate students. However, they must take note that the university should be an accredited and recognized university. Otherwise, their application can be canceled. Moreover, the applicants also need to choose the available study programs to be considered as the eligible recipient of the bursary.

How To Apply For the Bursary. The South African citizen who wants to apply for the SASRIA Bursary needs to follow the process of bursary admission. They must know the rule of the bursary. In order to apply for the bursary, the applicants must prepare several required documents. The first one is the ID Documents with its certified copy. This document is used to prove that applicants are South African citizens. The second one is the matric last result and its certified copy. If the applicants have finished the matric, the applicant can submit the matric certificate. Another required document is the full academic record. SASRIA Bursary will only select the applicants that show commitment in the academic field. The academic records should be the latest ones including the tertiary level. Well, the applicants also need to submit a letter of acceptance from the university.


This document is used to make sure that the applicants have true intend to study in the university. Another document is the motivational letter. It states the reason why the committee needs to choose the applicants as the recipient of the bursary. The applicants also need to submit the ID of parents or guardians along with its certified copy. Meanwhile, the last document is the proof of income of parents or guardians to prove that they need the financial support of the bursary. Those required documents should be submitted to the committee. They can send it via post to the address: Sasria SOC Limited CSI Department P.O. Box 653367 Benmore 2010 (Attention: Sasria Bursary Application). The second one is sending the required documents via email at [email protected]. After sending the documents, the applicants can wait for the next process. You can see more information in here: APPLY RECENT BURSARY OPEN.

The Facility of the Bursary. As one of the best bursaries in South Africa, SASRIA Bursary offers a lot of benefits to the recipient. So, the recipients can continue their studies in the university peacefully. The first benefit is the supports of the tuition fee. By using this coverage, the recipients don’t need to pay any tuition fee during their study in the university. The second one is the monthly allowance. It covers the accommodation expenses, meals, and others. So, the recipient can rent a dormitory close to the university. They also don’t need to think about meals since the monthly allowance is enough for paying for the meals in a month. However, the recipients need to manage the money of bursaries so that they can save money for their future. In addition, the recipient also needs to show good academic records during the awarded time. So, their bursary will be cut off.